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PET CHECK BLOG - Dog wearing striped beach coat

What Are Beach Dog Drying Coats?

What is a dog drying coat? Why use a dog drying coat on a beach? What are dog drying coats made of? Beach dog drying coats, dog drying coats for countryside walks, beaches, coastal walks, muddy walks, grooming saloons, dog walkers. BLOG

PET CHECK BLOG - Beach Dalmatian

How To Prevent Dog Beach Accidents

What Are The Most Common Beach Accidents For Dogs? Beach dog accidents, Best tips to prevent dog beach accidents. Dog safety on beaches. Popular dog-friendly beaches.

PET CHECK BLOG - Jack Russell Dog in harness

Does Your Dog Measure Up To Your Car?

What size car is best for my dog? How do I measure my car to fit my dog?
Does my dog need harnessing? Travelling with your dog. Dog crates, dog harnesses, dog carriers. Rules about dog travel in The Highway Code. @CarGurusUK Petcheck. Blog


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