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How Do I Donate Clothing To My Favourite Pet Charity?

Where Do I Donate Old Clothing?

Pet charities are very dependant on the generosity of the UK public to survive.

There are more than 11,200 charity shops in the UK, as reported by The Charity Association with 85% of those based in England with around 300 or so dedicated pet charity shops.

Many of those including Blue Cross, RSPCA and PDSA, the larger pet charities, are those that operate the pet charity shops.

The RSPCA have more than 120 pet charity shops up and down the country, bringing in much needed financial income to help keep up their pet charitable veterinary care and rehoming shelters open to the UK public.

Recent global pandemic events saw many shops close temporarily and people cancelling direct debits to charities whilst they struggled with their own finances. This impacted heavily on all large and small charities including pet charities who depend on the shops income to survive.

Shops started reopening June 2020, mostly in a staggered reopening schedule with various social distancing procedures put in place for those who wanted to shop. This continued after the longer Winter-Spring lockdown, 2021. However, some shops have had to be axed due to becoming financially not viable.

Pet charity shops have issued helpful guidelines to their supporters on what donations they could receive with stricter guidelines due to the pandemic needs.

Some shops will take all manner of things while others specialise. Whether it’s last years wedding outfit, designer-label clothing, bric-brac, books, jewellery, they need your support more than ever, and they don’t turn away pet-related beds, dog coats, collars, leads, bowls.

Before you drive fully laden with goodies, it’s important to take some advice from your local pet charity shop.

How Pet Charities like to receive their donations

1. Cleaning your pre-loved items is a must, before donating. This helps the charity shop to process items more quickly and raises much more money for them.

2. Charities take a wide range of items, others now specialise. You can call ahead and ask if they take electricals or perhaps, out of season clothing such as ski wear, to avoid a wasted journey.

3. You can donate your old household textiles as well as fashion clothing. If you consider your clothing and textiles cannot be re-sold, pre-sort these from the good clothing and textiles into a separate bag and mark accordingly. Clothing and textiles that cannot be sold are recycled and currently saves 339,00 tonnes from landfill by UK charity shops and still raise modest sums of income for the charity. 

4. Other items that you wish to dispose of that are no longer usable and that charity shops cannot sell, can be recycled in the usual way by checking your local council recycling website on how to correctly dispose of.

5. Before arriving at your local store with donations, it’s wise to call and check that they are open and can take large donations. Some shops may not operate a six day working week and staffed with limited hours. They may ask you to wait a day or so and prepare space for your donation of goods, or ask you to stagger your drop-offs to help with their processing.

6. Charity shops are grateful to receive brand new items, the more the better. If you have new quality goods then point this out to the store labelling the contents of the bag, as they will make sure they sort these quickly for selling.

7. If you have not already signed up in-store, and a UK taxpayer, ask for their “Gift Aid” form which requires very little information from you. Charities benefit from tax concessions under UK tax law. Gift Aid increases the value of donations by 25%, meaning more money goes to your favourite charity.

With the recent pandemic, charity shops need your help more than ever with better than ever quality donations. Join the many thousands of Pet Check readers today who have donated so generously.

How Do I Get In Touch?

You can contact the Charity Retail Association and find out where your local shops are in the UK. Not all Charities are signed up as members though.

Find your local PDSA shop

Find your local RSPCA shop

Find your local Blue Cross shop

Use to search for your nearest other stores

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