Keeping Your Dog Cool

PET CHECK BLOG Dog cooling down in pool

\\\ Keeping Pets Cool

Dog, in paddling pool

16 Best Tips To Keep Your Dog Cool

With thermometers reaching new temperatures around the globe, keeping your pet cool during warmer months now brings some new challenges.

There are plenty of ways to try and keep your dog cooler, perhaps you have some tried and tested pet cooling ideas that you can add to our list? Please contact us.

Best Tips

  1. Keep plenty of freshwaters available in dog bowls around the home 24/7.
  2. Put fresh crushed small ice cubes in dogs water bowls which helps to keep the water cooler for longer.
  3. Avoid taking dog walks at midday and early afternoon when the temperatures are at their hottest.
  4. Make sure your dog’s bed isn’t in direct sunlight and that your pet has areas around the home to access all day where there’s the shade.
  5. Soak a towel in cold water and lie it on their waterproof dog bed to help them lie on a cooler surface.
  6. Keep walks to grassy cooler surfaces rather than hot tarmac pavements and surfaces that can burn paws.
  7. Feed your dog an hour after exercising or at least an hour before.
  8. Trim your dog’s coat if they are particularly furry, long-haired breeds to help cope with the warmer temperatures.
  9. Dog cooling coats are an option. Jackets that can be refrigerated and worn by your dog to keep them cool is known to reduce their temperature.
  10. Dog cooling mats are also useful, tried and tested to help dogs stay cooler.
  11. Kong toys filled with treats such as peanut butter can be put in the freezer and frozen. This will keep your pet interested for longer and be a lovely cool snack.
  12. Small paddling pools can be fun and help your dog to cool down, put in a shady position in the garden and the water will stay cooler longer.
  13. Treats such apple slices ad carrot slices can be frozen and these will last longer.
  14. Always carry water and a travel bowl for your thirsty dog when out on journeys. 
  15. Use sunshades on vehicle windows to help lower the interior temperature. 
  16. Try and park your vehicle in a shady position to keep the temperature lower in warmer months if travelling with pets.

If your dog persistently shows signs of heat exhaustion, contact your vet.

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