Keeping Your Cat Cool


Cool As Cats!

We’ve always found our cats become quieter and hide themselves away around the home when it’s summer time battling with the midday temperatures.

Cats can’t keep cool as easily as humans. Cats learn to try and keep themselves cool during the day and hunt by night as temperatures creep up. You might find your cat out during the night if it’s allowed to roam, returning early morning having a few winks and being awake earlier as dawn breaks.

As soon as your off to work or out the door, they’ll spend the day snoozing trying to keep cool.

Cats sweat through their paw pads and will pant if they are extremely hot. Some cats have thick coats and can’t cool down as quickly as humans.

Cats that are overweight, old or very young, and those with breathing and lung problems are at greatest risk.

The signs of heatstroke in your pet is

  • Appearing to be distressed, perhaps confused.
  • Dribbling
  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Panting heavily

There are plenty of ways to try and keep your cat cool during warmer months, below is a list we’ve compiled. Please feel free to contact us with your special tips.

10 BEST TIPS To Keep Cats Cool

  • Dedicate one room where all the shutters, curtains and blinds are shut or closed down for the day but windows behind them open providing draught, if you are without air conditioning. This will help to prevent the room from reaching higher temperatures with direct sunlight.
  • If you cannot close curtains and blinds, etc., then make sure your cat’s bed or blanket isn’t in direct sunlight in the room.
  • Use a fan to help keep the room temperature down.
  • Move a comfortable bed for your cat or blanket into the room, litter tray and plenty of fresh cool water.
  • Replace your cats water several times during the day.
  • Don’t feed when it’s the hottest, although cats like to eat throughout the days in small amounts.
  • Adjust feed times to earlier morning and earlier evening and provide some kible during the day. Processed cat foods can smell very quickly if left out in hot weather and attracts bacteria very quickly.
  • Try not to let your cat go out during the hottest times of the day.
  • Keep your cat well brushed particularly if they have a thicker coat during the hot period as it will help to thin out their coat and help the keep them cooler.
  • If they are really suffering, use a cool wet towel and place over their body for a few minutes only. After five minutes, it may start acting as an insulator.

Important, don’t provide ice cold water to drink. Cool water is sufficient. If you are worried take immediate advice from your vet.

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