It’s Raining Cats And Dogs

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Yes it’s raining again and ideal umbrella weather!

Pet Print Umbrella by Marokka of a bull dog

When Were Umbrellas Actually Invented?

Marokka picture
Marokka Print Umbrellas

When were umbrellas designed and manufactured in the UK?

As far as archives seem to suggest, the modern day umbrella design dates as far back as 1805 when Mr Stanford established his hand crafted umbrella company, now recorded as England’s oldest umbrella manufacturer.

Pictured above is today’s Mr Stanford’s beautiful French Bulldog print for Marokka, synonymous with their love of pets and animal geometric designs of the French bulldog crafted into a fabulous umbrella sold by fashion house Wolf and Badger.

By the mid-1850’s British company Fox Umbrellas Ltd debuted their first range of handcrafted designs for the Victorians and still today meticulously handcrafting black silk umbrellas available from quality department stores, Harrod, Fortnums and Masons, Turnbull and Asser.

Holders of the Royal Warrant for more than 150 years, many of their designs whether it be a bubble, fold-away, classic, golf, storm, or automatic style have been used by the rich and famous including celebrities and prime ministers.

These wonderful investment pieces still pop up in auction houses having lasted a century of more of wear.

More of our pet print favourites

More of our favourite umbrellas must include designs from Radley of London, the famed leather handbag and fashion accessory company with the iconic Scottie dog (Highland Terrier) tassel and logo used since their introduction in the 1990’s. The water resistant fold-away umbrellas so useful for storing in your handbag for unpredictable shower bursts, with designs constantly being updated every season and a multitude of colours and prints, making a perfect gift for your best friend.

Radley Alba boots
Alba boot by Radley

Radley have recently expanded their accessory ranges with wellington boots. Perfect for all that mud whilst out dog walking and still looking pretty!

Barbour, a trusted Great British brand dating back to 1894, again awarded the Royal Warrant 1983, renowned worldwide for olive green waxed jackets and traditional check pattern lining trims but also from time to time produces animal themed print ranges including hound designs in a range of accessories such as wellies, dog jackets, and mini fold-away umbrellas, available from exclusive Barbour UK stockists.

Sophie Allport has caught the markets attention for a number of years producing wonderful ranges of animal themed fabrics including ducks, pigs, cows but more importantly Jack Russell’s, Pugs, Terriers, Dachshunds and Labrador prints with some cute cats skillfully producing ranges of merchandise from dog beds, to printed umbrellas. Available from a number of quality UK stores such as Not In The Dog House.

1989 Joules hit our high streets with very pretty floral and pet-themed clothing. The company now multi-million offering ranges for kids, children, women and men have diversified providing pet manufacturers with collaborations using their fabric designs such as dog toys and beds available from retailers, such as John Lewis and Waitrose Pet.

Practical handbag size pack-away umbrellas manufactured from Fulton, the Royal umbrella manufacturers, with their sausage dog print designed by Joules is a must for sudden downpours. 

Lastly, we have to include Amazon with it’s rather dynamic take on a golf size Bichon Frise Umbrella pictured below. You certainly would stand out in the crowd using this pet-themed umbrella!

And like all things pets these days, we mustn’t forget that our dogs need to get in on the act with their own version of their way of keeping dry in the downpours. No longer content with just waterproof jackets, many are opting for the dog leash with umbrella to keep dry available Amazon.

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