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So just how do you get your pet to stardom?

How Do I Get My Pet Featured?

Pet modelling is big business and growing bigger. Brits love their pets with more than 54 million pets residing in the UK, and growing steadily. Over recent years pets have become more and more important to advertisers in their campaigns who are always on the look-out for new fresh pet talent.

Here, we feature 3 pets – Kaya the cat – Lloyd, Alfie Moon and Bea – dogs who have successfully carved out a busy pet modelling career.


Whilst looking at the fabulous pet beds that make, we came across Kaya brilliantly demonstrating why you should buy their Made’s cat beds. She’s a beautiful short haired grey cat who struts her stuff showing off the features of Made’s Natural and Grey cat hideaway bed where her grey features beautifully tone in with Made’s grey themed interior and furniture!

Brilliant filming by the team capturing her moving around the furniture showing off all the best features, a short clip appears on the Urban Paws Model Agency home website and their youtube channel who are one of the leading animal modelling, casting and talent agencies.

Agencies have noticed that there has in the past year or so been a demand from companies for grey British shorthaired cats.

See youtube featuring Kaya – Kyali Square Cat bed in natural walnut and navy.


Image courtesy

Kaya the British grey shorthaired

Image Tescos


Lloyd, the Italian grey whippet living in London who fronted Aldi’s recent modelling shoot and you’ll find him on Instagram at @allaboutlloyd with nearly 22,500 followers where Paz, his owner has styled a beautiful portfolio of pictures.

Lloyd the model dog @allaboutlloyd

Image courtesy @allaboutlloyd

Recent shoots include presenting the new Aldi’s pet range, Lloyd in a perfect pose sitting on a pet seat cover in a car, wearing a dark grey dog jacket, posing in a snug calming dog bed, (grey of course!) and squeaky toys including the ‘Food Bag Dog Toy.’


Alfie Moon and Bea star in Tails.Com TV ad

Image courtesy

Pet food firms are always looking for talent as our pet insurance businesses, and frequently refresh their websites with new modelling pet shoots and film tv campaigns. the large subscription dog meal tailored service who deliver foods to your door included Alfie Moon and Bea starring in their latest TV ad campaign promoting the monthly service hired through Pet London Models agency. These companies tend to pick more popular breeds and use less gimmicks in their photography work.

\\\ Pet Modelling Agencies

Pet Modelling Agencies

Pet modelling agencies work is wide ranging, with pets appearing in films, commercials, advertising, TV, theatre work, advertising and include all kinds of animals, not just pets.

Your Pet Will Need

  • A great memorable name
  • Operate social media accounts
  • Operate a youtube channel with regular postings of their activities at home
  • Well groomed and cared for
  • Calm and obedient
  • Sociable
  • Wear clothing being dressed up
  • Trained to understand basic commands
  • Camera friendly
  • Have up to date boosters and jabs and carry their vets card at all times for inspection on shoots

Training includes basic commands. There are a number of highly intelligent dog breeds that are super trained and can carry out all kinds of commands, but the basics required are – ‘sit’ ‘lie down’ ‘get up’ ‘come’ ‘jump.’

Dogs can be trained to lick their lips or bark on command, work with cats, toys and props.

Many cats being picked by clients are noticeably quite young, trained kittens just 4-5 months old and where they still retain their visual ‘cuteness’ but there’s no age barriers where older pets may be needed for certain work.


Owners need to be prepared for long days when attending with their pets. Early starts in the morning and not always city centre locations, so owning transport is a must. Pets may have to be driven to far away locations so it’s important they are used to travelling and trained to travel in vehicles from a young age.

There can be long delays between preparing, grooming and filming and pets need to be calm and rested during breaks.

Pets can be asked to travel abroad and would need to undertake all relevant jabs and paperwork to fulfill that business commitment.

Social Media Influencers

Some of the pets may not have huge Instagram or Twitter account followings, although accounts with 5,000-10,000 followers are the most frequently being signed up. These accounts are still popular and picked by modelling agencies.

Smaller account followings have a particularly good visitor rate interaction – where as the medium and larger size Influencers, with followings over 1 million loose some of the closeness of the one-to-one social engagement between advertisers and customers but provide celebrity style endorsements where hiring these pet models cost considerably more.

Pay Rates

Agencies are reserved about how much pets can get paid for their work, depending on their abilities and the length of the day or days spent working. There’s not a guaranteed pay scale.

It’s important to post pictures when the pet has worked with celebrities as this greatly enhances followings and pay rates.

Business Insurance

Even the most calmest of pets can suddenly act out of character so it’s important to insure for any eventuality or mishap that may occur whilst under a modelling contract.

Your pet would be classed as a working pet and will require cover such as Pet Public Liability insurance in case your pet injures someone or damages property and you may be held liable.

There are several pet companies that offer fully comprehensive business pet insurance including international travel if needed.

You can read more about business pet insurance in our Pet Check Specialist Pet Business Liability Insurance feature.

\\\ Pet Top Modelling Agencies

What Are The Best Pet Modelling Agencies?

If you think your pet has what it takes then apply.

To apply you need to be at least 18 years of age, and able to drive as mobility to get to filming jobs is essential where often film crews start very early in the morning and locations can be far reaching and varied.

There are several professional pet modelling agencies in the UK. These are well established businesses, who following best welfare guidelines set by the government for the interests of your pet, where the business must be registered as acting as an employment agency regulated with a veterinarian always present on hand during the day at times of filming.

It is important to check agencies animal welfare statements, that the agency has satisfactory reviews left by other owners before signing up your pet.

Each agency has slightly different requirements for sign-up and its important to check agencies animal welfare statements, that the agency has satisfactory reviews left by other pet owners.

Animals have to have had full vaccinations and boosters before any work is undertaken with their veterinary cards available for inspection at any time and pets have to be owned by you or your family with your name appearing on the vet’s vaccination card. 

Agencies will ask for several recent photographs suitable for uploading onto their pet model books to create a modelling portfolio online and provide guidelines of how to get started.

Daily rates are paid if chosen for work and sometimes travelling expenses. The rates can vary between types of jobs, experience and length of jobs.

6 Of The Best UK Pet Model Agencies

Urban Paws leading animal modelling, casting and talent agency. Recent jobs include, Tesco, H&M, Aldi,

PetLondon pet models range from dogs to cats, horses, birds, reptiles or exotic animals whose portfolios cover all the top fashion labels and brand names, from Vogue to Crew Clothing, Mulberry, Harrods, Stella McCartney to Asos.

ModelsDirect both professional human and pet modelling agency, as well as booking agents for actors, dancers, singers, musicians and entertainers working with the top media companies in the business with plenty of testimonials given by happy pet owners.

DogsOnCamera  Founded by a trained veterinary nurse, dog trainer and behaviourist who had been supplying services to theatre and film with pets situated near to most UK locations. Recent adverts include itch subs cription pet services,, Axa, the popular DWP Pension Wise TV advert campaign.

DogsModelsUK features pet dogs and cats modelling for top brands such as Tory Burch, Amazon, Boden and Hunter.

AnimalDirection manages a nationwide register of all types of animals. 

Spotted out-of-date information or broken link? Message  Images courtesy freepik. 

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