Why Does My Dog Watch TV?

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Can Dogs See Other Dogs On Screen?

Our dogs often sit cosily watching tv whilst we are busy cooking nearby, but we find ourselves turning to see what is going on when our dogs starts randomly barking only to find they’re fixated on a another dog appearing in a TV series or advert!

Science News a few years back reported on recent research undertaken and it confirmed what we thought, that dogs were highly intelligent enough to recognise humans and other animal faces.

Dogs pick out faces of other dogs, irrespective of breeds, among human and other domestic and wild animal faces and can group them into a category of their own. They do that using visual cues alone, according to new research by Dr. Dominique Autier-Dérian from the LEEC and National Veterinary School in Lyon in France and colleagues.

Our dogs seem no different to our friends and others pets we know and there are certain TV series that most definitely their eyes prick up to and barking because other dogs are being featured on the TV programme. Sometimes they join in the barking with a deep gruff, possibly one could say not a friendly bark, other times incestant non-stop barking with tails wagging demonstrating clearly their different emotions about what they are watching!

They watch UK’s Paul O’Grady For The Love Of Dogs show on ITV. A series about The Battersea Dog Home, the London based charity that manages to rehome a staggering 8,000 dogs each year. They seem indifferent watching the dogs recovery to better health and a new happy home. Our dogs watch but don’t make any noise, sometimes with their paws over their eyes at the ‘horrible’ bits, almost as if they appreciate what some poor dogs at the charity are going through to recover their health and they seem to appreciate their cushy lifestyle and warm home!

Then there’s Channel 5 and Graeme’s Dogs Behaving Very Badly. They watch how calm Graeme in his unflappable cravated way persevere with a host of behavioural dog problems presented from viewer participants which are most likely caused by us humans, sorting out a number of breeds, cross breeds and mixed breeds. It’s extraordinary but we believe our dogs are the school prefects because they start howling at the dogs when they start playing up, being mischievously bad dogs and not listening to their owners! They then sit back when all is going well with Graeme and simply continue to watch the show.

We settle down to watch the long running ITV’s Midsomers Murders with the famous lovable character with attitude, the Jack Russell ‘Sykes’ from one of the older TV shows who appeared no less than in 29 episodes. It was time that Sykes retired during 2016 and along came new rehomed dog Paddy to fill his stage shoes.

Our dogs love both celebrity dogs almost recognising the change in ownership due to retirement age! It doesn’t seem to matter whether we watch an older series or newer with the change of famous screen dogs, they still love it and will let out a yelp here and there letting us know they’re enjoying it.

Then, of course, not forgetting there’s Cruft, the World greatest and international dog event which quite frankly is a TV nightmare. Our dogs become fixated as soon as the programme is aired and completely throughout. They won’t miss a programme and one can watch their heads positively straining at every type of dog filmed, their performance and acts.

It’s fundamentally clear that our dogs enjoy TV as much as we do and by now have a repertoire of their favourite programme lists.

Does your dog?

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