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Is Your Pet Turning Up Their Nose At Your Choice Of Pet Foods?

Have You Changed Your Pet Menu Recently?

Just like humans, dogs and cats and other pets like a change in their diet. Sometimes it’s so easy just to repeat order your pet foods online or pick up the same brand special offers at the supermarket in bulk without really thinking that your pet may like a change.

Your pet may be ageing, and now need a senior dog or cat tailored diet to aid their needs, or a developing sensitive stomach. Whatever the needs, the UK’s premium pet food ranges have so improved over recent years with many different choices now available, it can also be baffling what to choose that’s right for your pet, particularly if you are a first time dog and cat owner.

A huge growing industry with small artisan and large pet food manufacturer’s all wanting your attention, offering discounts and sometimes free samples of their ranges, tasters to entice you to buy.

The pet food industry in the UK is worth a massive 2.7 billion pounds (2018, Statista) and rapidly growing with more pets being bought than ever, and you are likely to be paying hundreds of pounds each year in your pet food costs, let alone the growing trend towards providing your pet treats.

During the recent pandemic, pet subscription box services have become increasingly popular with all kinds of offers, goods being delivered to your door each month. Whether it’s your dog’s monthly flea and routine treatment services, cat treats, and even rabbit toys and generally without any obligation, being easy to cancel the subscription.

Some owners are turning to vegetarian and vegan diets for their pets. Before you make the changeover, try your pet for just a day a week on your chosen foods, which should not provide harmful effects, however, for completely changing diets, its wise to talk to a veterinarian, either online or your local surgery before making such a change.

If you want more information about pet foods before you invest in a new month’s trial pack, read our FOOD FEATURES pages which provides helpful information about differing types of wet or dry foods, nutritional benefits and the importance of hydration. Our FOOD FEATURES page discusses giving your pet various human foods.

10 Best Deals

We’ve checked 10 of the UK’s premium pet food suppliers that are currently offering special deals for a large range of different dog and cat meals, for you to enjoy as a new, first time buyer for your pet to try. offering a 50% off their entire range as a new customer, tailored dry and wet foods and treats sending out nearly 8 million meals to happy dogs a month.

Edgar and Cooper offering nearly a two week supply of their healthy tasty dog foods for just £5.00 and a £12.00 deal for cats.

Husse Swedish healthy dog cat and horse food offering dry and wet foods and treats. Try a pack for just a small postage and packing charge £4.99.

Platinum Try a sample of their premium dry dog foods sent to you just free of charge. Choose between 4 delicious flavours.

Barking Heads Find out what makes Barking Heads so popular with just a £20.00 or less starter bundle for dogs.

AATU The premium high meat content dog food supplier with an introduction starter pack offer at TRYME just £25.00 with FREE delivery.

Happy Dog Dog food ranges include gluten free, sensitive diet, low fat and lots more plus regular premium dog foods available. Order a free trial pack and pay just £2.99 towards postage and packing cost.

Skinner Field & Trial offer 2 trial packs per dog costing just £1.00 with FREE delivery of their puppy, active and senior dogs foods, established for more than 40 years manufacturing quality dog food.

Duncans Dog Co Try before you buy with ordering a sample pack of raw food at just £4.00 plus free postage and packing.

Heights Farm pet foods offer a taster free bag of their 100% wholesome natural ingredients for your dog to try with just a £1.99 post and packing charge applied refunded on your first order if they give the thumbs up.

And not to forget the Buster Box subscription service offering a one month’s free trial of their dog treats and toy box delivered to your home.

TIPS to finding the pet food best deals

  • ‘Free’ and ‘Huge Reduction’ Best Offers will keep changing so pick a handful of suppliers you would like to try and keep their websites in your ‘favourites’ and check back frequently for offers.
  • Sign up to pet food suppliers newsletters as these will provide you with offers from time to time. You may also receive 10% plus, off your first order, by doing this.
  • Look for the new customer offers. They often appear in drop down boxes on screen after a few seconds on their websites, sometimes with a special code to use at checkout. Most firms are applying a 10% or more welcome offer for first-time customers.
  • Pet food companies are clambering for your continued business and those who offer subscription-based boxes will provide hefty discounts for first purchases and continuing periodically. For example, as we write the luxury dog and cat supplier AATU are offering half price subscription bags – a general saving of more than £20.00 per 5KG, which lets your pet try these scrumptious foods at remarkable advantageous prices.
  • Most large manufacturers of pet foods supply direct to the large supermarkets, often the cheaper brands and don’t provide customer shopping from their informative websites. Medium size pet food businesses offer sales from their websites, such as Barking Head, Tails, AATTU, Hi Life, and small artisan type manufacturers are particularly reliant on social media and their websites, all wanting your valued business.

You’ll find Hi Life , the natural cat and dog pet food without preservatives offering substantial discounts from their ‘Special Offers’ website page. #Ad.

PET CHECK BLOG - Hi Life Pet Foods banner

Hi Life For Dogs

PET CHECK BLOG - Hi Life cat pet food banner

Hi Life For Cats

  • Store groups like Jollyes with both high street and a large store online can offer a substantial range for your to peruse. They too, have an ‘offers’ special discount page continually on food and treats.
  • Olio the free food sharing app, is a great free offers community site and sometimes may have suitable free pet foods for your to pick up from your local community. Keep your eyes peeled, just as Gumtree may, and some smaller local community sites.
  • Check if there are any local pet food manufacturers near you. You may be surprised when you ‘google’ ‘pet food manufacturers near me’ as to what pops up. Contact them and ask if they would be willing to provide you with some free samples to trial, being a local person with pet, where you can then favourably leave reviews on social media. Smaller companies are usually very obliging because they want to get their brands out to as many pet owners as possible.
  • If you have a new puppy or kitten, you will find many pet companies offering free samples, because they want you to stay with them, buying from them, for the life of your pet. More pet owners swap brands than ever, because there’s more choice available, but there are many millions of customers who are delighted with their pet food, their pet is happy and healthy, and only buy the different varieties offered by the same company for the life of their pet.

Like all deals, they may sell out quickly. Bookmark the pet food company and return to their site another day.

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