How Often Should My Cat Eat?

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Should I Feed My Cat Twice A Day?

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We suspect you feed your cat to fit your lifestyle particularly if you go out to work and absent for a substantial amount of the day.

Having had a number of strays, we found our cats were happy to be fed anytime and appreciated having a warm friendly home where they were cared for. The proof seems to be they stuck around with us for the the rest of their lives. The strays turned up during different years and surprisingly all got along quite happily despite what cat behaviourists tell you that cats really don’t get on with other cats introduced into the home.

So whats this latest report conducted by the University of Guelph, Canada, research available on the open platform resource PLOS One really about?

The University research team looked into how our tamed cats fared by mimicking wild cats being fed just once a day and what results it may have on their hunger.

The study published indicated that cats who ate one meal a day were more satisfied and which could result in less food-begging.

Our cats never begged for food. We’d feed them a small portion of food in the morning and when we returned from work we fed them the same sized portion in the evening as our cats snoozed through most of the day in a peaceful empty house. They would enjoy the company of the household during the evening and at bedtime, they disappeared off outside in the countryside for a spot of night hunting and making sure they marked their territory.

So does it matter if we feed our cats twice a day?

The research only studied eight healthy indoor cats, so their findings cannot really be regarded as definitive, where cats that ate one meal a day had a larger increase in blood amino acids which would provide more protein that was available to build muscle and other proteins compared to those cats that ate more regularly in a day.

Managing an indoor cat’s weight really must come down to the owner and how they ensure their cat follows a healthy diet in a daily routine sticking to the recommended amounts of food to give their cat. Indoor cats are less advantaged with regard to the amount of physical exercise they can achieve, but making sure they have interesting scratch pads and toys and that there owner interacts with them is most definitely a must.

It would be interesting to see the results of a much larger research programme with both indoor and outdoor cats taking part that ate one meal a day, what this would achieve as the current report seems to be indicating that cat overweight problems are only those related to those cats living indoors.


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