The Best Way To Recycle Old Duvets

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Recycling Duvets

You may not be a dog or pet owner and have never realised that this can be one of the best ways to recycle your old, clean, re-usable duvet, donating to your local pet shelter or pet charity shop.

It’s only after purchasing a new duvet, we found not enough room to store the old one at home. It became quite a task finding where to recycle the duvet.

Jack Russell dog under a warm blanket

Many duvets are now not environmentally friendly being made of synthetic fibres. WRAP the UK recycling organisation report that both duvets and pillow recycling is “challenging” and encourages the public to recycle clean usable duvets and pillows to local charities and not donate to textile recycling banks.

Recycle Now provides the UK public with details of their local recycling plant, but this is really the last resort to recycle your undamaged duvet.

Good, clean, undamaged duvets can have better homes to go to, recycled, disposing of duvets environmentally.

Animal shelters and pet charity shops have a presence in most local towns and cities. They are grateful for duvet, blanket and towel donations as long as they are in good condition, clean and re-usable.

Animal shelters need duvets and blankets to give their dogs and cats some soft and warm comfort in their pens when waiting to be rehomed and towels for everyday needs when caring for the animals.

Charity shops can have limited space and may only take these donated items infrequently, so it’s best to call ahead and find out what their current space allocation is like, rather than turning up at their premises with a large duvet in your arms and being rejected!

Covid-19 hasn’t helped and their are strict requirements in place when taking in charitable donations from the public, so these rules have to be adhered to. For example, they may want the duvet to be placed in a plastic bag before being handed in. The charity shop should inform you of how they wish the items to be donated.

Animal shelters use many clean recycled donated duvets, blankets and towels. They generally have more space to store these items but still call ahead and find out their current requirements, similar to charity shops.

During the winter outside pet rabbits suffer from the cold. Whilst duvets, blankets and towels should never be put in their cages, they can be used to cover the cages during very cold weather. Putting a duvet cover over and around the hutch will help to keep it a little bit warmer inside, add some insulation, but one must always allow air circulation to get into the hutch. Finally cover over with some waterproof tarpaulin and you’ve helped to increase their hutches warmth.

To find your nearest pet charity that may be able to take your duvet and pillows in the UK, ‘google’ with the appropriate search terms and search whom often have the nearest pet charities listed.

  1. If you want to give away your duvet to a pet owner then advertising it on the free web platforms is another solution.
  2. Try Olio the UK free recycling food and household items recycling website and app.
  3. Try Freecycle the free recycling worldwide partnership with local groups and more than 9 million users.
  4. Try ilovefreegle free recycling with local groups all dotted over the UK.
  5. Try facebook and gumtree with local free listings.

The PDSA have informed us that there’s an estimated 50% of UK adults who own a pet. 24% of UK adults have a cat with an estimated population of 10.9 million pet cats and 26% of the UK adult population have a dog with an estimated population of 9.9 million pet dogs.

They’ve also estimated that there’s approximately 900,000 pet rabbits kept in the UK and about 67% of those are kept outside.

So we are sure that any free item offered will be snapped up by grateful pet owner.

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#Reuse #Recycle

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    1. Hi Ruth, We recommend to find your nearest pet charity that may be able to take your duvet and pillows in the UK, ‘google’ with the appropriate search terms and search whom often have the nearest pet charities listed. There are quite a number that you will be able to call or email to see if they can take them.


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