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Pet Charity Christmas Cards

Since the 1840’s Christmas cards have been sent in their millions up and down the UK, another Victorian introduction along with Christmas tree and decorations ideas which has only accelerated into a colossal marketing campaign worth billions, starting from the end of one year leading to the next year’s events by major stores.

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Do You Send A Pet Charity Card Or E-Card?

With more than 168,000 UK charities currently in England and Wales, it provides a huge platform for choice, with charity donations peaking during the season of goodwill.

The rise of e-cards doesn’t seem to have altered the millions of Christmas cards we send. Older UK residents send the most, declining with younger generations to nearly half the population.

According to Statista just 15% of the UK population would prefer to receive an e-card whilst the majority of the population would like to see a proportion of the sales going to a charity. (2018).

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Christmas Cards Win – With Donations To Charitable Causes

The pitiful donations being given to charities by traders is called into question every year by numerous press articles, how little is actually being received from the total card sale. Comparisons are difficult to assess with some traders providing a flat donation to the charity and others a percentage of sales. See Which? magazine (2018). Pet charitable card income seems to remain a mystery.

Buy Directly From Charities

The best way to ensure your money is received in full is buying from the Charities online. Larger pet charities have an increasing range of cards and gift products to choose from. Websites such as –

The smaller local pet charities may not have a Christmas online shop but would be most grateful of your online donation.

Royal Mail Posting

Royal Mail Economy posting dates to most of the world from the UK end in October so there’s some sense in cards appearing as early as August in our shops, sending a physical card to outposts cheering up those friends in remote parts around the globe.

The Christmas Card Re-Cycling Mess Left Behind

The recycling organisation, Recycle Now, has a different perspective of the problems that Christmas leaves behind and reminds us to use our local recycling points including cards and envelope waste.

did you know that a staggering 300,000 tonnes is used in UK households during the festive season – enough to wrap Big Ben almost 260,000 times! Or, if we laid all the card packaging side by side, it would cover the return distance between London and Lapland over 100 times. Recycle Now.

In such a difficult year look out when buying your cards and e-cards that they donate funds to needy pet charities this year.

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