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When one mentions Christmas hampers thoughts always turn to the famous F&M emblazoned on large wicker baskets filled with food treats that Fortnum and Mason have become so famous for.

Fortnum and Mason Hamper
Image Credit – Fortnum and Mason Pet Hamper

Sometimes you can be lost for present ideas and Christmas hampers filled with gorgeous food treats which never go to waste are perfect for your best friends, family and colleagues. Pet hampers are perfect, not just to provide your beloved pets with special festive treats and toys that will keep them occupied for days, but your friends, colleagues and family members will equally enjoy receiving one for them.

FAQs Who Sells The Best Pet Hamper?

What does hamper mean?

The word hamper means ‘a basket with a carrying handle and a hinged lid, used for food, cutlery, and plates on a picnic’ however, Bing and Google notes that –

a British hamper particularly means

a basket or box containing food for a special occasion, “a Christmas food hamper”

Bing and Google dictionary

When did hampers first appear?

The hamper made an appearance according to many history books back in William The Conquers day, during the late 11th century. He allegedly bought gifts in covered baskets containing wine goblets. The Victorians particularly celebrated Christmas and are credited with many of the current traditions including filling baskets with the most delightful food and treats. Whilst this act during Victorian times was really only celebrated between the wealthy, today hampers have become much more of a traditional gift for the many.

When were pet hampers introduced?

No one is particularly owning up to this!

Currently in the UK according to Statista, the Office for National Statistics, expenditure on pets and related products just keeps on thriving, rising to now 6.9 billion British pounds during 2019, showing nearly a whooping 100% increase in pet care since 2009!

Included in those multi-million sales are the gorgeous ranges of pet hampers that now frequently appear online 24/7 providing owners and their friends with the opportunity of rewarding pets on birthdays and Christmases.

Who Makes The Best Pet Hamper?

Many pet hampers are ordered early in advance, and at the time of reviewing Fortnum and Masons had already sold out of their pet hamper and several of The British Hamper Company.

Pet rabbits there are just a handful available to buy. It has to be Pet Presents who offer a large range of dog, cat and rabbit hampers, sent personalised and with free shipping.

Cats it has to be Cat Hampurr who specialised in monthly subscription boxes for cats but offer one-off special Christmas boxes. Exceptionally well priced and quality products. Highly recommended for cats.

Dogs we found such a lovely selection that we provided a special page dedicated to hampers celebrating the best. See the best dog hampers.

Storing Pet Treats

If hampers filled with pet treats aren’t the answer, then a pretty and useful pets storage and treats box must be!

Keep those food and treats stored all year round where naughty pets can’t get to.

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