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Spotlight On Pet Gift Cards, Vouchers, E-Gift Cards

It doesn’t need to be just at Christmas time, to give and receive gift cards, vouchers, and e-cards being available all year round from pet trading outlets.

What perhaps is incredible is that the UK Gift Card and Voucher industry is now worth nearly 7 billion British pounds according to 2019 figures and reports published by GlobalData and UKGCVA 2020. The same size as the entire Pet Industry!

Two-thirds of cards are given as gifts with a growing market of cards being given to employees as incentives or to customers as rewards.

Christmas is a busy time for the gift voucher industry and perfect for everyone who simply has run out of ideas of what to buy for their pet-loving friends, colleagues, and family.


There’s no better way than to give your lucky recipient a gift voucher, card, or e-card which they can spend how they wish on their pet.

With inflation causing so many problems for households globally, in 2022, vouchers and cards can be a welcome way of providing some extra much-needed funds to households where the owner can choose to buy what’s needed for their pets saving unwanted or not needed gift choices.

What Are Pet Gift Cards, Vouchers, E-Gift Cards?

Not Sure Which To Buy?

Gift Cards, these credit card size plastic branded cards with pre-loaded money on them are available in most high street locations around the UK and if your high street is ‘closed’ or they are unavailable locally to pick up you can purchase them online from dedicated providers. There are two main types, single branded cards to be used only in one chain of stores or multiple retail gift cards that can be redeemed in various participating outlets.

Gift Vouchers sometimes known as gift tokens are physical bits of paper that have a pre-determined value. Again they can be branded as more popular for solo shopping outlets and multi-retailers. These can be ordered online and sent to you in the post or picked up from the store on the high street.

e-Gift Cards are online gifts in the form of a message with a pre-paid amount of money paid by the sender of the gift with a message sent to the recipient by the company alerting that they have a money gift waiting for them to purchase their goods or services. They can be extremely useful and available 24/7 to purchase and send. Perfect if you have realised that you’ve forgotten to buy a present at the last minute.

Selected Pet Gift Cards & Vouchers Available To Purchase

Cox and Cox @coxandcoxuk Buy physical gift vouchers for a range of special, luxury, and exclusive dog and cat accessories. Can take 28 days to receive them and you need to pay postage and a packing charge.
The Stylish Dog Company @stylishdogJust as the company name suggests, buy lovely stylish gifts with vouchers starting from £15.00
Natural Cornish Products @CornishPetShope-vouchers to use from a natural range of dog and cat products specially produced from Cornwall, to be purchased online only and vouchers sent by email to the gift receipient.
Pet London @PoppyPetLondonBuy online e-vouchers from a beautiful range of everything you need for your pooch and paws. Send online to lucky recipients and choose your e-voucher card identity.
Exoctic Pets Store @exoticpetsPerfect for buying for anyone who owns an exotic pet. e-vouchers available in £10 denominations to be spent online by the recipient.
Barks & Bunnies @BarksBunniesPerfect gift whether you own a dog, cat, or small pet e-cards starting from £5.00. You’ll receive an email where one can personalise the recipient’s message and forward it to the lucky recipient.
Pet Planet @PetPlanetcoukBuy physical paper gift vouchers starting from £5 which can be cashed in on a huge range of everyday pet merchandise by the recipient where vouchers are sent direct.
Pets At Home @PetsatHomeBuy pet gift vouchers from the largest UK pet store group where vouchers cannot be used online, only in-store, along with other restrictions, buying virtually all the accessories you need for your dog, cat, rabbit, and other small pets.
Groomers @GroomersUKBuy pet gift e-vouchers for a range of grooming accessories and grooming courses and collect loyalty points. Vouchers aresent directly to the recipient online.
Pet Pyjamas @PetsPyjamasBuy pet gift vouchers that can be used towards luxury travel stays in dog-friendly hotels. Physical vouchers that are sent directly to the recipient.

Support Small Pet Business

Sadly fewer small pet businesses offer gift vouchers or card deals, preferring to spend smaller marketing budgets on prompt customer service, speedy delivery, personalised gifts, and appreciate 5 Star Trust Pilot, Feefo, and local Google customer reviews left by satisfied customers and importantly, return the following year.

What are the benefits of Gift Cards, Vouchers, and E-Cards?

  • Quick and easy to purchase.
  • e-cards delivered by email.
  • Cards usually can be used multiple times until empty.
  • No postage costs
  • Introduces your friend or relative to possibly a new trading customer they haven’t purchased from before.
  • Can usually be used on sale items
  • Recipients tend to spend over the amount of the gift voucher or card adding it towards a more expensive item they may not have considered purchasing. A win-win situation!

What are the disadvantages of buying Gift Cards, Vouchers, and E-Cards?

  • Need to be used generally within a time date, sometimes quite difficult to find and so it’s important to get spending as soon as possible to avoid expiry dates.
  • May have other hidden conditions so terms and conditions must be read.
  • They can become worthless if a trading outlet goes into administration with little recourse so it’s important to always buy from a reputable outlet.

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