The Best Pet Christmas Crackers

Dog with Christmas Cracker

Choosing Your Pet Their Christmas Cracker?

\\\ Pet Crackers

Pet Christmas crackers sell out quickly

There’s a huge debate about Christmas crackers where the UK is estimated to pull more than 100 million crackers on 25 December during the seasonal festivities and the majority of the contents end up in the dustbin causing even more unnecessary landfill waste.

The obvious solution for our family was to forgo crackers with the cheesy jokes contained inside but buy our dog a pet Christmas cracker. We did our bit towards reducing waste! Well, not entirely.

Pet crackers for dogs and cats are freely available from most good online pet stores including handmade and those beautifully personalized by The Handmade Christmas Co. for pets. You can spend as little or as much as you like on pet crackers.

Make your own crackers from stores such as Littlecraftybugs keeping the kids occupied in their school holidays leading up to Christmas filling your crackers with the treats you want to give your dog or cat.

You may prefer to pick up some whilst grocery shopping at Waitrose who design theirs for cats and dogs containing a thoughtful toy and hat.

Perfect gifts to give to friends, family and colleagues who own pets.

\\\ Cracker Contents

What makes a good pet cracker?

The overriding contents will

  • Keep pooches or paws busy all day, to include a toy that’s therefore robust and non destructible
  • Preferably no toys with squeaks!
  • The outside material be as pet-friendly and recyclable as possible, with few, if any, trimmings, baubles and definitely no glitter.
  • Contains no ‘bangs.’
  • Foods that are nutritionally balanced treats.
  • May contain a party hat.
  • British made wherever possible.
  • Competitively priced making them perfect pet presents.

\\\ Pet Favourites

Have you bought yours?

Best Pet Cracker MakesSold by
GoodChaps – Dog Christmas Cracker
@notinthedoghou @snowpaw_store @healthfulpets
Lily’s Kitchen @lilyskitchen Christmas Dog and Cat Crackers@waitrose @fetchlovespets @MonsterPetTeam
Best In Show @BestinShowuk Christmas Dog and Cat Crackers#Crazyaboutthedog
JR Pet Products @JRPetProducts Christmas Dog Crackers@yourdogsneeds @PetBiscuit
Rosewood @rosewoodpet Christmas Dog and Cat Crackers@PetPlanetcouk @Hyperdrug
Handmade Christmas Co Already out of stock at time of writing – Christmas Crackers for dogs and cats@ChristmasCo
LittleCraftyBugs – Make your own crackers

\\\ About Crackers

How the famous Christmas cracker become part of the huge British Christmas festivities?

Tom Smith is applauded as the first business back in the Victorian era, to develop what is known today as the Christmas cracker, when pulled by two participants that made a bang! Soon that idea was being developed so that the masses of the population could enjoy what has become part of the UK’s Christmas traditions.

Tom Smith Crackers survives today as possibly the longest Christmas cracker making business since 1847 with the shape of the cracker hardly changed since the 1860s crafted with the ‘bang’ when pulled. The firm awarded the Royal Warrant, 1906, with a web page devoted to explaining how many of the sustainability issues about Christmas crackers are now being addressed.

Read about why Christmas crackers should be banned – waste

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