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How Do You Choose Pet Christmas Crackers?

There’s a huge debate about Christmas crackers where the UK is estimated to pull more than 100 million crackers on 25th December during the seasonal festivities and the majority of the contents end up in the dustbin causing even more unnecessary landfill waste.

The obvious solution for our family was to forgo crackers with the cheesy jokes contained inside, but instead buy our dog a pet Christmas cracker. We did our bit towards reducing waste. (Well, not entirely).

Did he enjoy it? Not actually sure. Read on … because we probably chose the wrong one!

After retrieving the silly ribbon trim ties from his mouth, we were all waiting for a bang when he had already torn apart the cracker and was making his way into the one side of the cracker where you normally find a snap pull, but there wasn’t one! So the long anticipated bang never happened.

Anticipation continued as he snuffled his way through the luxury red wrap paper with pretty dogs all printed over it, and cardboard inner tube, to find that we had to quickly retrieve the small ball before it got it stuck in his mouth and he tear the gold paper hat that was also included! As for the cheesy pet joke, “the motto” that was still included in the contents.

Looking at the outer box, no where had it stated the size of the toy included or what size dog the ball was best suited to which was a bit disappointing but it gave ‘chapter and verse’ that the bang, the snap pull, had been removed.

Silly me for not thinking we had a large dog and this cracker wasn’t really suitable, or was it? A wise tip, check when buying Pet Christmas Crackers for your pets.

What Makes A Good Pet Christmas Cracker?

  • Keep pooches or paws busy all day with a new toy that suits their breed size.
  • The toy has to be robust and non-destructible.
  • Preferably no toys with squeaks!
  • The outside material be as pet-friendly and recyclable as possible, with few, if any, trimmings, baubles, ribbons and definitely no glitter.
  • Contains no ‘bangs’.
  • Foods when included that are nutritionally balanced treats.
  • May contain a paper party hat that can easily be worn around the neck if you prefer.
  • British made wherever possible.
  • Competitively priced making them perfect pet presents.

When’s The Best Time To Buy Them?

Don’t leave it to the last minute, buy before the Christmas shopping rush to ensure you get a cracker that’s right for your pet. They are relatively inexpensive and thoughtful, fun gifts to give pet owners and popular. This year is possibly going to be even more difficult with the post pandemic delivery supply problems.

Handmade and Personalised Crackers

If you are spoiling your pooch or buying a fabulous handmade, personalised Christmas pet cracker then start thinking about it, at least by September, and get your order in. Several of the best pet cracker companies have full order books by November and won’t take any more orders, so they won’t disappoint customers being unable to meet the Christmas date.

The Handmade Christmas Co put you in the mood with fabulous ranges of personalised stylish food and drink hampers, Father Christmas sacks, Christmas wrapping paper and hanging Christmas tree baubles. They produce beautiful personalised crackers including a special dog cracker with a large dog bone biscuit! (You can buy all your special Christmas finishing touches and pay on Klarna too).

Make your own crackers from craft d-i-y-stores such as Littlecraftybugs who have the brown paper tubes, hats and jokes, and you just need to choose what your pet treat is that will fit inside the tube. A perfect session to keep the kids occupied when they’ve broken up for Christmas holidays making the family Christmas crackers including their pets.

Or, you may prefer to pick up some crackers whilst grocery shopping at a supermarket such as Waitrose who design theirs for cats and dogs containing a thoughtful toy and hat. (Tip – check their size of toy included).

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\\\ About Crackers

How the famous Christmas cracker became part of the huge British Christmas festivities

Tom Smith is applauded as the first business back in the Victorian era, to develop what is known today as the Christmas cracker, when pulled by two participants that made a bang! Soon that idea was being developed so that the masses of the population could enjoy what has become part of the UK’s Christmas traditions.

Tom Smith Crackers survive today owned by IG Design Group UK Ltd, one of the few mega gifting and celebratory companies, as possibly the longest Christmas cracker making business, since 1847, with the shape of the cracker hardly changed since the 1860s, crafted with the ‘bang’ when pulled.

The firm was awarded the Royal Warrant, 1906 and still in 2020, Tom Smith brand is the official supplier & Royal Warrant Holder of Christmas crackers to the Royal Household, with a web page devoted to explaining how many of the sustainability issues about Christmas crackers their firm face nearly two hundred years since their invention, now being addressed, as well as the posh cracker house having a shop on Amazon!

Read about why Christmas crackers should be banned – by Business Waste


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