Choosing Your Pet-Friendly Christmas Candles

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Have You Chosen Your Pet-Friendly Christmas Candles?

Candles are a beautiful gift at any time of the year to give friends, family and colleagues with prices ranging from just a couple of British pounds to hundreds of pounds for luxury candles where the fragrance is most important.

In recent years there’s been moves within the EU to reduce air pollution, the UKs Clean Air Strategy, which aims to reduce emissions inside the home as well as outside. UK households include the banning of the sale of wood and coal burning stoves and fireplaces that do not comply with eco standards and with warnings about using candles made with a paraffin base and wicks that should be lead free, with no central metal. Paraffin based candles (also can be referred to as mineral based candles) have been used since 1830 in UK homes when the Victorians introduced our modern day candle-making.

Vets have for sometime been vocal about the use of certain types of candles, advising pet-owners to look closer at the contents of candles when purchasing not just for themselves but for their pets health. Certain candles are ‘cleaner’ in their choice of ingredients causing less irritants to pets.

What makes a good pet-friendly candle?

Candle base ingredients should ideally be manufactured from 100% beeswax, coconut wax, rapeseed wax, sunflower seed wax, vegetable based wax or soy wax.

To provide fragrances the bases are usually blended with essential oils and according to Rover only a handful of essential oils are pet-friendly, that list includes lavender, peppermint, frankincense, copaiba and petitgrain.

The worst offending essential oils for pet health being ingested, (and that includes vapour ingestion) or contact with skin being tea tree, cinnamon, pennyroyal, citrus, sweet birch, pine, wintergreen and ylang ylang, all with varying degrees of toxicity to pets health.

According to Statista nearly 40% of households own a cat or dog, so it is a major consideration to select candles not just for human good health but pets too.

With company’s such as the luxury candle seller Jo Malone selling 2.5 kg of candles at £320.00 burning for about 220 hours, then there’s every reason to start taking a look a little more closer at the ingredients being used and whether they are the best for your pet household.

Surprisingly, many company’s fail to list the complete ingredients in their products descriptions online and even harder to find on the labelling when examining physical samples being sold in our high street stores.

If you are unsure about what you are actually buying check out Osmology who have an informative blog that provides in-depth candle making terminology and explains the different ingredients use.

Todays selection of candles below are available online, a selection of beeswax, soy based, rapeseed and sunflower wax mixed with the ‘better’ essential oils for pets health. These types of candles are generally sold with a natural fabric wick such as cotton or linen. Even though candles may be heavily marketed as with a more natural wax base, they may still burn strong essential oils, so not only is the essential oil being burned important but also the the dilution.

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Here’s 6 candles we’ve found for you



Be:Pure Boot Room Candle


Crafted with beeswax, soy and essential oils, this lavender-and chamomile-scented candle calms with a crackling wick, whilst purifying, scenting, and settling the air sold in a re-usable glass jar, dye-free soy wax and contains no paraffin, petroleum by-products. 

Beeswax Candles in a Dining Box

Beeswax Dining Candles (12)


In strong, vivid colours, elegant Beeswax through-colour moulded dining candles burn beautifully, adding colour and warmth to your home. 

Set of 12 Beautifully Boxed

Candle in a jar

Q U I E T U D E Soy Wax Candle


This powerful hand poured soy based candle has been blended with pure essential oils including frankincense, lavender and eucalyptus and contains a cotton and linen blended wick.

Botanical Candlemaker Co

The Botanical Candlemaker Company

from £20.00

This candle is crafted from a blend of rapeseed wax, sunflower seed wax, lavender a calming essential oil, and complete with a natural cotton wick.

Cowshed Awake candle

Awake Room Candle


Natural soy wax blended with a bracing blend of Sweet Orange and Grapefruit. The warmth of earthy hemp seed oil balances these fresh, citrus notes to set a truly stimulating mood. Candles are environmentally-friendly and renewable, delivering a clean burn and a pure scent with 100% biodegradable wax, and easily washes out should any mishaps occur.

Bolt & Star Candle

Aquarius Soy Wax Candle


This candle is a blend of soy base wax with sandalwood and lemon essential oils. Perfect for anyone owning a pet born during the Aquarius zodiac star sign.

About Candle Making

Candles were developed around 200 BC and became an endearing part of lives around the globe for centuries until the modern day invention of the electric light bulb, the incandescent light bulb in 1879, when in the twentieth century candles declined in importance.

The famous British brand Prices was established in 1830 using the newly discovered high melting point paraffin wax, and became the largest maker of candles in the world, with the Royal Warrant awarded by 1850 which they still retain today.

After the millenium, there became a new movement in candle making by small UK artisans crafting beautiful smelling candles in the UK, with niche firms starting-up including the now worldwide famous Jo Malone which has thousands of differing products capturing wonderful smells of bespoke fruits, herbs and flower mixes.

With the moves to reduce emissions in the EU, attention has now shone the spotlight on those candle makers producing more environmentally friendly products.

Candles Can Cause Side Effects

Many candles are made from paraffin wax, a byproduct of the oil industry and that pollutes the air when burning and can irritate not just human lungs but those of our pets. Candles can be scented with synthetic fragrances that can cause additionally allergy symptoms.

The ingredients to avoid are particularly lead in the wick and paraffin wax, which in turns create nasty toxins when burnt such as toluene, benzene, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde and acrolein. Avoid buying those that include artificial scents and colours.

ReminderIt’s important never to leave lit candles burning unattended. Pets can easily brush against these singing their coats, or worse, knock them over causing damage and a fire.

You may lie to read –

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