Celebrate Chinese New Year With Luxury Pet Gifts

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\\\ Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year Collection 2021

As Strong As An Ox

Those clever people at Radley London have done it again with another twist offering the opportunity to buy a lovely luxury leather handbag and matching purse to celebrate Chinese New Year, 2021.

The Chinese New Year Collection Strong As An Ox

Radley have over the years an amazing cult following of millions of pet-lovers around the world that simply adore their Scottie dog pet icon themed bags.

Customers have been purchasing their limited editions for years stashing these carefully away as collector items.

The latest timely collection is available to celebrate The Lunar New Year where festivities start Friday, 12 February 2021, not just in China but by the many Chinese communities living around the globe.

Handbag and purse and scottie dog
Image courtesy Radley London Chinese Collection 2021

The beautiful picture above features the rare iconic breed of dog, the Scottish Terrier, a highland terrier and Radley’s blush pink ‘ox’ leather collection.

Both the bag and the purse have been designed featuring the Radley dog and a fun interpretation of the ox, complete with a nose ring detail wearing a hand-stitched Fair Isle jumper in intricate appliqué with just the right amount of red adorning the horns.

The colour red is important to Chinese New Year and Chinese culture wishing recipients luck and happiness, most often used in celebrations with gold (or yellow) signifying the most beautiful colour. Presents ideally should be wrapped in red and gold paper and trimmings.

Close up of design on handbag
Close-up image of Radley ‘strong as an ox’ handbag collection

The Scottie Dog

Well known as a ‘Scottie’ dog, The Scottish Terrier is one of five highland breeds which is now officially at risk, where registrations have fallen so low that it has been officially added to the Kennel Club’s ‘At Watch’ list of dog breeds.

The breed have a huge cult following, being featured regularly from traditional Scottish shortbread biscuits tins to images on mugs and clothing.

The Fu Dai Hamper

If your not sure about your friend’s handbag taste then resort to the luxury FU Dai Hamper, by our favourite hamper company, a special Fortnum and Masons seeing in the Lunar New Year Hamper.

The iconic wicker basket is filled with the usual mouthwatering treats, and a bottle of Fortnum’s Blanc de Blancs Champagne, Hostomme.

Sadly, this isn’t really suitable for pets to enjoy on this occasions.

PET CHECK BLOG Celebrating Lunar New Year - Chinese New Year - at Radley London. Year Of The Ox leather handbag and purse features iconic Scottie dog, Scottish Terrier dog. Petcheck.blog BLOG
Image courtesy Fortnum’s and Masons Lunar New Year celebratory hamper


If you’re not quite sure of the meaning of ‘strong as an ox’ then check out the idiom at the Free Dictionary meaning ‘someone or something is extremely strong‘.

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