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Why Buy Your Pet A GPS Activity Tracker?

2 real stories written by pet owners explain why they decided it was time to use GPS pet activity trackers

Our cockapoo is simply adorable but loves wild rabbits! We didn’t know how much until one early evening during late summer when she was roaming around on the hills and suddenly bolted off unexpectedly.

The hillside has huge areas of thorny bracken and so we simply thought she’d be round the back of a mass of bracken when we turned a corner but she was no where to be seen. We called and called and walked around a half mile area for nearly an hour, now getting dusk and slightly chilly.

This was turning out to be a problem. Our other obedient dog was taken home and fed, watered and left. We kitted ourselves out with a flask of coffee, sandwiches, hand and head torches and cutters to cut the bramble if we needed to, and made our way back, hoping that other walkers in our absence may have found her and hung onto her, calling the number on her ID tag. Alas, that wasn’t to be the case.

We spent hours calling her name, walking round and round the area, trying to see into the centre of the mound of bushes until finally around 3am in the morning, there was a very distressed low whining sound coming from some bushes.

We started cutting our way into the centre of the mass where we thought she was located which took about 20 minutes and finally found her stuck with head down slightly down an animal hole which was very likely to be a rabbits hole where she hadn’t been able free herself to get out because of the brambles surrounding her.

She was very cold and clearly disturbed. We carried her back to the car and back home.

Up for work at 6am wasn’t fun next morning having endured most of the night on the hills with 2 hours sleep! So after a discussion and research we decided she wasn’t to be trusted and a GPS pet tracker was needed.

This would give our lunchtime dog walker piece of mind because it would be unfair to place him in the position we had been. He was more than happy with the decision.

The Story of Benjy the Jack Russell

Benjy was our twice times rehomed Jack Russell dog who settled in very quickly with us. It was fair to say he had issues but these were due to previous owners poor training particularly apparent that he never been socialised meeting other dogs as a puppy.

One evening he woke when lying curled up on the settee and started visibly shaking violently. We had no idea why. It took possibly about 15 minutes to calm him and settle him down, lying back next to us.

A few days later whilst at work I got a call saying someone living nearby had found a dog in their conservatory who was distressed. It took about half an hour before she could get near to Benjy to read his ID tag and call me as he was so agitated, shaking and frightened.

I finished work and picked up Benjy from the neighbour who lived two roads away and thanked her. What I couldn’t work out was how he had escaped out of a very secure garden which he had access to during the day, with steep drops to the walls and what had made him bolt.

I realised that he must have been desperate to escape from the garden and actually worked out that he jumped about 4 metres onto a neighbours shed and then made his way down on the wall and jumped a further 2-3 metres into the lady’s garden. Fortunately, he had not been across any busy roads.

Whilst Jack Russell’s love to jump in the air, I was concerned that he may have damaged himself with the excessive heights, but he showed no signs.

Next morning, we could hear the neighbours smoke alarm going off and Benjy started shivering, shaking and became very agitated. Realising that it was the loud shrill of the alarm that had been the cause of his anxiety, I visited the neighbour and asked if they were having any troubles with their alarms where they informed me they had been grilling toast as their toaster was out order and they kept forgetting to watch it whilst cooking and the toast was burning setting off the alarms!

It was such a simple accident yet the deafening loud frequency noise upset Benjy greatly.

As I and my partner are out to work everyday, about 30 miles from our home, we decided the best thing was to invest in a dog GPS tracker so we would know exactly where our dog was when we weren’t there with him. Since that day, we’ve had no problems to report but it’s been interesting to see his activity levels!

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Our product this week is the GPS Activity Tracker by Tractive.

GPS Pet Tracker

Tractive GPS Dog 4 – Dog GPS Tracker and Activity Monitor




Are GPS activity trackers only for dogs?

GPS activity trackers can be provided for a number of different pets, but generally they are designed for dogs and cats. We’ve known of specialist trackers being used by horses and large exotic tortoises.

The main requirement is that the tracker is fixed to a good fitting collar suitable for that pet and that the tracker will not detach itself. Cats for example, will require a lighter weight tracker than a dog at around 30g. The tracker will provide information of where your cat has been, building up a picture of favourite haunts and also provide information such as sleep patterns.

Useful when visiting or moving to new locations with your dog who may just get carried away sniffing out the new pets in the neighbourhood and run off, or cats when moving homes, keeping an eye on their movements as they need to define their new territory.

Trackers have also been known to be used frequently for globe trotting pets, those who travel frequency where the owners can monitor their movements whilst in transit and handling by airlines, or professional animal movement services.

Trackers can help to bring your cost of your pet insurance policy down by informing the insurers your pet is wearing one, some look favourably at owners who use these services.

\\\ Buying Tips

12 Best Tips Buying GPS Trackers

  • The company has excellent customer reviews especially for customer information and service.
  • Check out company policy and customer reviews left concerning speed for necessary replacement trackers.
  • Trackers should be lightweight, easy to put on and comfortable for the pet to wear, difficult for the pet to get off.
  • 100% waterproof, light and shock-resistant.
  • Your tracker should provide regular location updated every 2-3 seconds.
  • Provide a history of your pets movements and with a handy sharing facility.
  • Be able to set safe zones and get notified if your pet leaves it.
  • Take the system abroad globally having suitable GPS capabilities for many worldwide destinations.
  • Look for either localised and/or global monitoring with fees and prices reflecting these choices of services.
  • Work with Android, iPhone and web.
  • Works with quick rechargeable batteries.
  • Useful manual supplied on how to use the tracker.

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