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Why Buy Your Pet A Beach Dog Canopy?

If you’re planning a whole day out on a beach then there’s no better way to help protect your dog with a special dog canopy.

If you’re not a regular beach visitor, you may not realise how strong the sun can be, even a low sun in early Spring time, when having a gorgeous day out on one of the UK’s thousands of beaches.

Too much sun and wind can make a nasty combination on the skin and that includes your furry friend, particularly if they are short haired breeds. They can suffer from too much sun exposure as humans can.

Any regular beach dog walker will tell visitors that temperatures do not have to be extremely high to start having to take extra care. The combination of salt, sun, sand and wind will start tanning skins at early stages in the season and there is a need to take precautions.

Protection for dogs is important and there’s several ways of making sure by using a large umbrella canopy which creates shade for humans and dogs to sit under during the day. However, as you and your dog fight for this treasured shady space, you can provide your dog with an alternative, a special dog sun shade canopy.

Dog sun shade canopies can be used anywhere, not just on beaches but on walking expeditions, hills and camping trips, particularly useful for weekend or short breaks away with your dog.

Dog canopies are different to dog tents. Canopies provide more temporary shade options, have open sides so that dogs can freely exit and enough space to lie down in comfort.

Dog canopies should be easy to pack into a handy shoulder bag so can be taken with you when travelling and easy to store back home.

Take note, dog tents are more enclosed with zip up doors and ventilation like human tents not to be confused with dog sun canopies and may not be so competitively priced.

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Tips Buying Dog Sun Canopies

  • Look for a quality treated fabric but lightweight enough to carry with you on trips.
  • Packs into a special easy to carry holdall.
  • Easy to put up and dismantle with instruction guide for erection.
  • Special ground stakes (similar to human tents) to ensure it’s made stronger to prevent it blowing away in winds.
  • Take measurements and check there’s ample room for all sized dogs to lie down before purchasing.
  • Waterproof flooring that’s easy to clean any mess.
  • There’s a manufacturer’s guarantee available.
  • Check if the manufacturer provides any SP guidance and testing.
  • Check if the items can be recycled sustainable.


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