The Best Way To Recycle Old Towels

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Recycling Towels

Are you a dog or cat owner? If you are then you will know not to recycle your old towels but to put them to good use drying off your wet dog or cat.

It doesn’t matter if towels are no longer a great vibrant colour or very soft and snuggly because dogs get seriously wet, particularly medium and long-haired breeds, when out walking during bad weather. Cats need to be dried off when they dive back into homes from being out in wet weather.

Towels are needed when visiting beaches or hill walks with your dog to dry them off and they can be used on the floor of your vehicle, whilst driving home so your dog is additionally drying off on clean dry towels.

It doesn’t matter whether they are hand or bath towel size as they are all extremely handy to keep in a busy pet home.

I keep a ready supply of old towels in the storage cupboard which are used for my two dogs after daily walks. They are essential.

My towels are not damaged, where can I donate?

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Can I donate towels to a pet charity?

Yes, there are either charity shops who will take your clean, quality towels or shelter homes. Simply use for finding the nearest shop or shelter.

Due to the recent Covid-19 restrictions, they may have certain requirements as to how to donate these items, so a quick call ahead before making a special journey is a great idea because they may not be able to accept your donation.

Jack Russell dog under a warm blanket

What other donating solutions are there?

We highly recommend you try social media as a pet owner would be delighted to snap these up.

If you want to give away your towel(s) to a pet owner then advertising it on the free web platforms is another solution who provide you with local pick up facilities.

  1. Olio the UK free recycling food and household items recycling website and app.
  2. Freecycle the free recycling worldwide partnership with local groups and more than 9 million users.
  3. ilovefreegle free recycling with local groups all dotted over the UK.
  4. Friday Ad free online magazine offer free listings.
  5. Gumtree and Facebook offer free listings.

If you are looking for someone to purchase your towels and collect them locally, then try the usual websites such as, Gumtree, Friday Ad and Facebook.

Where do I recycle very old and damaged towels?

Recycle Now provides the UK public with details of their local recycling plants.

Towels fall under their very loose category definition as ‘Clothing and Textiles’ and can be recycled. The website provides all the nearest points for you to take your towels to, by simply popping your postcode into their search finder. They do ask that they are packed well and some sites ask you to put them into a bag.

Because of the recent huge pandemic crisis, some of the points may be closed or temporarily suspended.

Can I put towels in my landfill or recycling bins at home?

Generally the answer is no, but each local authority has differing recycling policy and yours may have a special collection point especially for towels in your area. If you want to check, look up your council website.

Can I put a towel on the floor of my rabbit hutch?

No. Rabbits love to nibble and will do themselves harm nibbling away at the fabric.

What are pet microfibre towels?

These are special towels designed to dry off pets quickly where the towel holds up to eight times the normal water according to their manufacturers. They are soft and can double up as snuggle blankets. Most pet stores online and high street sell these useful items and can be a great gift for your friend, colleague or family member that own a dog or cat. They’ll always be grateful of an extra pet towel!

The PFMA, The Pet Food Manufacturers Association, have informed us that there’s an estimated 12 million dogs residing in the UK and 12 million cats. That’s a huge pet population out there where pet owners will appreciate donated items.

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