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Whats The Difference Between A Pet And Human First Aid Kit?

Buying The Best Pet First Aid Box

Having stupidly shut my finger in a heavy car door, I reached for my pet first aid pack secreted in a compartment and bandaged my bloody finger!

As we all know accidents happen anytime and when least expected to your pet, as well as yourself, some pet accidents being more serious requiring immediate veterinary assistance, others more day-to-day which can be dealt with by experienced pet owners.

With many millions of pet owning Britons taking staycations and weekend breaks away with their pets, this weeks specially chosen product is an extremely useful, all year round, essential bit of kit, and to take with you when travelling at home or abroad with your pet.

First aid packs for pets are ideal to have handy for those unexpected emergencies, the packs being designed to help you with small scale pet emergencies and where the contents have been particularly tailored to those needs, including bandages that are ‘pet’ size.

Most pet first aid packs on sale contain latex gloves, bandages, pouches of saline solution, gauze and tape, cleansing wipes, scissors and tweezers, and foil blankets in cases of hyperthermia. All standard needy medical accessories in a pet first aid emergency.

In most good pet packs there’s special pet size plastic pouches to cover foot injuries helping to keep them clean, essential to have for your dog and cat.

The better pet packs are designed to be bright in colour so easy to find in a hurry, compact in size, made of a strong and hardwearing robust fabric, holding all the essentials and be sold as ‘veterinary approved’.

Frankly, there isn’t too much difference between the human first aid packs on sale than pets, and one can use the pet version for domestic human small accidents in real emergencies such as cleaning and covering an open wound. However, using a standard human first aid kit for a pet isn’t quite so convenient.

Health and Safety approved human first aid boxes for workplaces include things such as triangular bandages for arm support and safety pins, plasters and eye pads which pets do not need and naturally all bandages are much larger being sized for human use!

We’ve always carried a pet first aid box in the car because we never know when it’s needed when travelling just a mile or so away to open grassland dog walking, or to the coast for a day out with our dog. If there’s an emergency in the home, we simply get it from the vehicle to use on our dog or cat.

Pet first aid boxes are a nifty gift idea to give any new pet owner as it’s a very practical gift and where the thought may never have crossed their minds to buy one.

If you’re hiring a dog walker, ask them what first aid boxes they have ready for their charges in emergencies. You’ll be surprised and find that some don’t carry them in their vehicles. Needless to say we wouldn’t hire them to take care of our dog.

Do take note that good quality first aid boxes stocked with quality products do sell out from shops and stores quickly particularly over holiday seasons.

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Our specially chosen product for this week is just that – a well-thought out veterinary approved first aid pet pack at a very affordable price.

Pet First Aid Box
Hi Travel Pet First Aid Kit Available From Pets At Home



Available online and in shops

\\\ Buying Tips

Tips For Buying Your Pet First Aid Box

  • If you plan to pop it into a space in your car take the measurements before buying your first aid pack, as they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, making sure that it can be stowed away in the space.
  • Look for a quality, strong outer pack that won’t break easily and closes well keeping dust and dirt out.
  • Buy brightly coloured packs that are easy to find in a hurry.
  • Check the contents being sold in the pack and that it contains all the essentials to treat small accidents.
  • Buy from a reputable company where happy customers have left reviews about the product.
  • Choose a company with a quick, reliable dispatch with good after-sales care, no quibble returns policy if you are not happy with your purchase.

Never give your pets human drugs or use creams and lotions. In cases of emergency that cannot be treated at home, ensure you contact your vet immediately.

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