What Are Dog Beach Drying Coats?

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What Are Dog Drying Coats?

No more drying of dogs and loads of wet soggy towels after a day at the beach. Simply pop a stylish Ruff and Tumble Cotton Beach Stripe Coat on your pooch and it will dry your dog for you.

  • Petcheck blog Striped beach coat
  • Petcheck blog Striped beach coat
  • Petcheck blog Striped beach coat

What Is The Best Beach Dog Drying Coat?

A perfect concept to get your dog dry quickly, a great product, the ultimate dog drying coat designed by a dog owner who found no product suitable in the market place. Alison went on to found the Ruff and Tumble company based in Norfolk, England, which boasts a fabulous dog-friendly walking coastal region, ideal to try out all new designs!

Let your dog play on the beach, paddle and swim and then simply pop the coat on keeping your dog warm on cooler days and drying off their coat quickly, allowing you to be able to fasten them into your vehicle and transport home with ease.

Arrive back at home, simply take off the coat which can be easily washed and tumbled dried ready for your next adventure out. On warmer beach days, your dog may be dry and clean enough where you can take the dog drying coat off as they board.

If you are staying on beaches for a few hours, then they can help to protect your dog from the suns strong rays during hot weather, particularly at lunchtime when the sun is at its hottest.

This special dog coat doesn’t have to be used just on beaches, it can be worn on every day muddy walks, paddles near boating lakes, countryside weekend breaks and a perfect choice for staycation walks away with your dog in new and unknown locations.

Grooming parlours enjoy using these quality coats, where their clients dogs can be quickly discharged and mostly without the use of noisy hair dryers having to laboriously dry off their customers dog coats.

The secret to these fast drying dog coats lies with the quality of the cotton high absorbent fabric, manufactured with a double layer of fabric, fastening easily under the dogs belly with Velcro, expertly fitting to the dogs size, additionally provided with a comprehensive size chart available for you to choose from when ordering.

There’s a choice of solid colour coats if you prefer, but we think the beach stripe coat is just perfect for a stylish coastal staycation break!

The company additionally offers a range of handy pet items using the quality absorbent towelling including settee throws and drying mitts.

Perfect for owners with busy lives, and frequently used by their dog walkers.

Dog drying coats make a perfect gift for a dog owner who will be thrilled to receive such a practical and stylish present for their dog.

\\\ Featured Product

Our specially chosen product for this week is the stylish coat designed for perfect coastal beach seaside days.

Petcheck blog Striped beach coat
The Ultimate Dog Drying Coat – Beach Stripe

Beach stripe


Available online

\\\ Buying Tips

Tips For Buying Your Dogs Seaside Coat

  • Look for the best quality moisture absorbing cotton cloth you can afford
  • Must be machine washable
  • Quick drying, preferable tumble dry if required
  • Easy to put on and wear
  • No fiddly fasteners
  • Finished with quality seams and edging to stop fraying
  • Manufactured in a range of sizes to ensure your dog has the best fit possible
  • Buy from a reputable company where happy customers have left reviews about the product.
  • Choose to buy from a company with a quick, reliable dispatch with great after-sales care, no quibble returns policy if you are not happy with your purchase.

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