Choosing The Best Dog Paddling Pool

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What Are Dog Paddling Pools?

Am I really spoiling my dog buying a paddling pool?

Think you’re spoiling your dog buying a paddling pool? Think again! As the summer suddenly breaks pets including dogs become so hot they need to cool down quickly.

What Is The Best Sort Of Paddling Pool To Buy?

There’s quite a selection of different pools available, ranging from inflatable to trug style where your dog can enjoy themselves whilst keeping cool during warmer months.

Longer haired breeds suffer the most with heat exhaustion as the thermometer climbs and most dogs enjoy dipping into and out of their own cool water pools. Dogs loose heat through their pads and when they pant so providing a pool is not just for fun but helping their health.

If you have your children’s pool set up, beware, your pet may try to muscle in on the action and can cause damage easily if it’s a soft inflatable kind due to their sharp claws.

Like dog beds, dog paddling pools come in a range of sizes and colours.

Position in a great spot in the garden where it’s flat so that the water won’t easily tip out and over, and where there’s no stones or other sharp object that can pierce the fabrics.

If it’s very hot, then it’s best to position in the shade, where your dog will linger in the cool water. It’s best not to fill the pool to the top, but just enough for them to soak in and top-up as necessary, being the quickest way they can cool down.

Smaller dogs may need help getting in and out, where they can’t jump over the side, so it’s a good idea to remember this when buying the dog pool and you’ll have to keep an eye on them when in the pool.

If you have two dogs, they may both try and squeeze in, so buy a larger size! It’s important to keep an eye on your dogs when frolicking that they don’t get too excited!

Paddling pools are multi-use and can be used for bathing large dogs instead of using a bath at home and having to lift your pet into the bath. Children can use these pools too, even as sand pits if you are no longer using as a dog pool.

You’ll need a safe space for storing your dog pool at home, so before buying, check the storage space available, if limited, buy one that will fold down.

PET CHECK UK Scruff cooling mat

Cooling mats were launched a few years ago and are an alternative to try and keep your pets cool, which are ideal to be taken on holiday if planning to stay away for a few days if you can’t take your dog pool with you. Most good pet stores now sell these mats, but mats also sell out quickly as soon as the sun shines!

Buy a dog pool in advance of the sunshine appearing because they sell out fast. Demand is strong so please don’t be disappointed.

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Our specially chosen product for this week is the stylish robust paddling pool perfect for your pooch

PET CHECK UK Dog paddling pool
Cool Club Dog Paddling Pool


2 sizes available online

With so many new UK pet owners since lockdown, many items disappear quickly when there’s a sudden need. Plan ahead to buy items and don’t be left disappointed.

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\\\ Buying Tips

Tips For Buying Your Dog Paddling Pool

  • Position in a debris-free flat area of the garden
  • Look for the best quality pool at the price you can afford
  • Must be easy to assemble BUT robust to allow a dog or dogs to keep jumping in and out
  • Easy to dismantle and pack down to store clean when dried out
  • Could be alternatively used for bathing muddy dogs!
  • If you have a dog that loves to chew, look for strong materials to prevent the dog puncturing the pool or trying to ingest the material.
  • Buy from a reputable company where happy customers have left reviews about the product.
  • Choose to buy from a company with a quick, reliable dispatch with great after-sales care, no quibble returns policy if you are not happy with your purchase.

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