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How to Keep Your Pets Cool When Travelling In Your Car This Summer

Have you forgotten to buy your car sun shades?

All packed up and ready to go on holiday?

As millions of us look forward to getting away to a UK location this year, it’s important to prepare in advance for changeable weather conditions and ensure your journey to your staycation destination is as smooth as possible.

You may be taking your pet with you and they need as comfort as much as possible, especially if travelling for the first time on a longer than usual journey. Prepare in advance to ensure a trouble-free journey and that includes remembering to take with you small items such as car shades.

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Keep Pets Cool In Summer

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It may not be sunny today, but being confined to a small space for a long time during a journey, only needs a few minutes of sunshine and the temperature inside is shooting up. On goes the air conditioning, if you have it, but this isn’t always the answer to keep your pet cool with the sun streaming directly through glass windows.

Sun shades come in all sizes, colours, and shapes and can be attached to vehicle windows in different ways.

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Severe heat exhaustion kills pets

They are particularly useful on rear windows where young children are seated, and just as important for your pet if seated in the rear boot area.

Prices start as little as £2.99 for a pair from selected retailers, and if you are transporting your pet in the rear of the car, it’s likely you will need a pair, or more, strategically placed, to keep the back as cool as possible. It will mean that those windows cannot be opened. As you travel around the country, you may have to stop your journey and move these static blinds into different locations on the windows to protect your pet from the sun.

Sun shades of varying shapes, designs, and quality can be bought from numerous retailers such as Halfords the car specialists, the usual huge firms such as Amazon and eBay, etsy for unique designs, Argos stores, or John Lewis, fitted roll-down blinds available in their ‘EVERY DAY’ collection, but we particularly like a car specialist in this field, called ‘Car Shades‘. They offer a fitting service designed for your car window which allows you to have windows open with the blinds down. So if you don’t have air conditioning this is a real alternative.

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Car shades fitted to your car window shape

‘Why Choose Car Shades‘ page has informative videos and explains the simplicity of how to fit their car blinds and offers great customer reviews. Images courtesy Car Shades.

  • Whatever your budget stretches to, don’t forget your pet’s health. Severe heat exhaustion can kill animals and NEVER leave your pet in a car.
  • Whilst it is not illegal to leave a pet in the car, you can be prosecuted for neglect or cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, which has just seen a steep increase in levels of sentencing, rising tenfold, by 2021.
  • This applies to cats being transported in travel carriers. Being in a small, confined area will help to increase the temperature, and cats too, suffer from heat exhaustion.

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