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Where would dog and country walkers be without rainproof gear?

Before you throw out old cloth caps, baseball caps, damaged caps, trilby’s, beanies, any sort and shape of hat, take a moment to read how they could be so useful to dog owners and the pet industry. Whether your hat or cap is damaged or not, Pet Check have the recycling solution for you.

Sort the non-damaged hats, caps, beanies from the damaged

1. The damaged hats, caps, beanies

Most councils list where textile recycling bins are located in your area. Sometimes these can be placed at large supermarket sites, other times near to park locations. This is one solution for all cloth textile type hats and caps to be placed in these recycle bins when damaged, however not the only solution.

To find out where your textile recycling bin is use Recycle Now who provide the location details for the UK public. However, there’s a better solution.

Charity shops can recycle your donated damaged hat, where old damaged textiles are picked up by special textile recycling companies and the shops receive a small payment which help their fundraising causes. There’s around 11,000 charity shops in the UK, and animal charities operate some of these, such as larger pet charities The PDSA, Blue Cross and RSPCA, where funds raised go towards helping the general public’s pets when in distress and needing care.

Charity shops can sell designer hats, caps and beanies even if they are partially damaged, so take time and sort out and donate wisely to help good causes and be environmentally responsible.

If you need to find your local animal and pet charity then simply use which will give you the local information you need including how far away.

2. The non-damaged hats, caps and beanies

Non-damaged hats, caps and beanies are great giveaways to other members of your family or friends who may be dog owners and walkers. They love headgear to keep themselves dry when it suddenly pours unexpectantly with rain whilst out walking, or even hailstones or snows! If you have some great designs that you want to bin, why not ask them first?

They may even like them for ‘spares’ when friends come and stay and haven’t any warm headgear with them to wear on a cold, country rambling day. Old wellington boots are often kept by dog walkers as ‘spares’ for friends, so why not spare hats, caps and beanies?

Charity shops would be grateful for quality donations, and even more so if they are the more expensive branded headwear. Favourites such as classic Barbour caps, Rydale Ladies trilbies, traditional Johnstons of Elgin knitted beanies, more designer baseball caps and beanies such as Tessuti, Fred Perry, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Moncler just to name a few of the many hundreds of designers and fashion brands sought after, are more than gratefully received.

Covid-19 has changed the way we shop, including the shops being open, the times and days, so call them and check they can take your donations in advance, and if they require you to pack them in any special way. Charities may have restrictions on selling certain items.

Other ways to donate can be

1. Try Olio the UK free recycling food and household items recycling website and app.

2. Try Freecycle the free recycling worldwide partnership with local groups and more than 9 million users.

3. Try ilovefreegle free recycling with local groups all dotted over the UK.

4. Try Facebook and Gumtree with local free listings.

Cash Back

If you want to get some cash back for your goods, try Facebook Marketplace and Local Ebay where they operate pages for localised selling where buyers can collect the items from you. If you wanted to, you can sell the items for your favourite charity, eBay passes on the raised cash to your nominated charity and charges less selling fees. There’s also Shpock and Vinted, prominent online websites for selling and recycling your hats, caps and beanies.


Depop and Etsy are great online market places to sell your older, vintage headwear.


‘Upmarket’ resale websites, try Vestiaire Collective, HEWI, Preloved.

If the hat, cap, beanie or other style of headwear, is a designer brand and more expensive, and you want to donate, it’s worth checking to see what sustainability offers the firm has put in place, where you can recycle responsibly and perhaps, profit with some money back, or voucher offers. These currently are few, but, for example, Hunter Boots offer a recycling service for old, damaged, unwanted wellington boots that can be turned into rubber chippings for horse exercise training areas.


Larger fashion companies have recycling targets and sustainability issues to comply with legally. Some fashion houses now provide instore containers in their stores to take older their unwanted clothing such as Joules, who partner with Oxfam, the charity, that pick up all donated items you have left in their stores, sort through it, resell where possible or send to be processed for new recycled fabric.

Marks and Spencer were early champions pairing up with the charity Oxfam to create ‘schwopping‘, a campaign fronted by the vivacious Joanna Lumley, where they report to date that 35 million items have been exchanged in Oxfam stores for a money voucher to shop for new items back at Marks & Spencer.

Make something new

There are some very clever people being creative that make new items out of old. Beanie hats are one where they can be turned very easily into toys. Check out videos on youtube.

\\\ New Dog Walking Hats Caps And Beanies

Buying New Dog Walking Hats Caps Beanies

Now you’ve had a cull of your wardrobe, you may want to buy some new head gear to keep warm in winter, dry during rainy seasons and the sun off in summer.

A Selection Of The Best Hat, Cap and Beanies

1. Country Attire has a great selection for ladies and men’s ranges including Carhartt, Barbour, Troy, Christy’s Hats, Polo Ralph Lauren, Boss, Paul Smith, Filson, Stetson.

2. Outdoor and Country include ladies and men’s brands, Dubarry, Schoffel, Heather, Barbour Timberland Fjallraven and more.

3. Farlows include traditional fishing, shooting water proof wear for ladies and men’s, brands such as Musto, Schoffel, Seeland, Simmes, Patagonia, Laksen, Arlows, Tilley and Christies.

4. Cotswolds Outdoors provide ladies and men’s clothing selection of names such as North Face, Craghoppers, Jack Wolfskin, Patagonia, Rab, along with complimenting ranges of gloves.

5. Turnbull & Asser Savile Row tailors with a beautiful selection of cashmere beanies and like most suppliers, crafted with complimenting gloves.

6. Lock & Co Hatters couture hats, is the oldest shop in London and the oldest hat shop in the world selling hats made to order, including berets, trilbys, skipper caps, fedoras, flat caps.

7. Marks & Spencer particularly well known for selling modestly priced flat caps in a range of tweeds and previously used Harris Tweed fabrics woven from Scotland along with tailored classic jackets.

8. Edinburgh Woollen Mill provide a range of the famous Harris Tweed designed into traditional deerstalkers, flat caps, even baseball caps.

9. Joules The lovely, fun, bright coloured popular beanies from Joules for ladies and flat caps for men, perfect for presents.

10. Accessorize fun, fashion and stylish baker boy caps, flat caps, beanies, berets and beanies available at excellent competitive prices available from its hundreds of stores located across UK as well as online shopping.

Thank you to the thousands of Pet Check readers who have generously donated items to Pet Charities



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