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Giving Your Dog A Fun Day Out In Brighton & Hove At Saltdean Lido

Image courtesy event organisers

Teach Your Dog To Swim Safely

What better way than to join the fun of the Dogtember at the famous iconic Saltdean Lido, Brighton.

Now a confirmed event on the calendar, each year, during September.

Enjoy a splash around with your dog for 90 minutes in dog event sessions at weekends at the famous Saltdean Lido, the 1938 famous art deco landmark close to Brighton & Hove beach, East Sussex, UK.

Buy a ticket for yourself before buying a ticket for your dog who can swim with you, or can enjoy splashing around in the water, whilst you play ball from the side. However, this water swim session is not really suitable for those dogs that aren’t sociable, prone to snapping and downright horrible to others!

Running through September in 90 minute sessions, Dogtember tickets can be booked now along with the full information online for entry.

Perfect if your dog already loves the water or a great way to try out a new venture before you book your next staycation or weekend break near lakes, rivers, beaches and other waterways.

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Where is Saltdean?

If you know Saltdean Lido then you’ll know it’s nestled down between East and West Saltdean on the main A259 coast road, just a short drive out of Brighton heading towards Newhaven, East Sussex, where there’s handy parking, lots of green grass areas available and the English Channel opposite.

Saltdean has mostly a pebbly beach but as the high tides goes out, some shingle and sandy patches emerge providing you and your dog with a nice game of ball and easier dog walking.


Should My Dog Wear A Buoyancy Jacket Swimming?

Float Coat Dog Buoyancy Aid Life Jacket

The Saltdean Lido event doesn’t require your dog to wear a buoyancy jacket but it’s a great way to introduce your dog to water and swimming. If you’re intending to spend more time on waterways, then a jacket is a sensible investment for the protection and safety of your dog and the huge discomfort for you to have to jump into water to rescue your dog!

Don’t think it happens? Think again. Dogs are very unpredictable, sometimes never showing anything out of the normal and then suddenly, something may trigger off their natural calm behaviour.

Jackets can be priced most modestly starting at around £20.00 upwards. Similar to a normal dog coat and can be worn when on beach walks, or by rivers and ideal when sailing on inflatables and boats.

We’ve known a lovely Jack Russell, calm as can be, loved sailing, but one day 2 ducks suddenly appeared from no where and he was off, forgetting he was on a boat, flying off, jumping in chasing them! The boat was steered towards him, he was wearing a jacket, and it meant that eventually he swam back to the boat as the ducks flew off with no one getting wet!

A dog buoyancy jacket is not designed to be used as life saving equipment but will help your dog to say buoyant in the water.

Selected swim dog jackets can have several reflective accents running the length of the coat to assist in night time visibility.

Most good dog swim jackets are constructed from a base material of high visibility orange material with soft neoprene under carriage for the comfort of the dog during long periods of use.

  • Swim dog jackets should be fitted with quick release buckles and easy grab, top mounted grab handles.
  • Swim jackets need to be fitted with a high level of size adjustment extended straps and both velcro and buckle fixtures.
  • A chin float pad helps the dog keep their head out of the water whilst swimming.
  • Double check that you’ve fitted the jacket properly before purchasing and use.
  • Better quality dog swim jackets are designed to be a buoyancy aid so that your dog can be more confident in and around water.
  • Always monitor your dog whilst in or around water whether they are wearing a jacket or not.

Millions of dogs love river and canal walks

Picture of non-tidal up stream River Thames


Dog Swimming In UK Rivers

What Does The Countryside Code Require Of Dog Walkers When Walking By Rivers?

A new updated and fresh reading was provided during 2021 covering aspects of the expected Countryside Code to be practised by all visitors when visiting the UK countryside. Some Code examples for river walking and swimming apply –

  1. Use the designated signage for walkers provided by the National Trail, river, or canal authority.

2. Stay on marked paths, even when they get muddy.

3. Use any gates, stiles or gaps as provided, shutting gates after use along the river banks, canal towpaths and trails.

4. Do not cause damage or disturbance to nature. Leave rocks, stone, plants and trees as you find them and take care not to disturb wildlife including birds that nest on the ground. This is very important around the river bank walks.

5. Dispose of litter in the appropriate bins or take home with you, leaving no trace of your visit. Litter can be so easily picked up by swans, geese, ducks and other wild animals who can choke on foreign objects and causes death.

6. Some walks may ban dogs at certain times of the year or require you to keep them on leads at all times.

7. Keeping dogs out of rivers is advisable to prevent accidents occurring, particularly where some rivers may have notorious fast tidal ranges.

8. Take care where river side banks can be slippery and rocky.

9. Some riverside walks will allow fishing. Dogs do love to investigate so it’s best to avoid these areas with your dog, pop them on the lead, and walk briskly by.

10. River walks are generally designated with public footpaths, so you shouldn’t see cyclists. Some walks are marked as public bridleways, and may allow off-road cycling and horses. These walks would be well-signed and advice provided for dog walkers.

It is important to avoid letting your dog drink river water which may contain poisonous algae and toxins . Any signs of your dog starting to behave oddly after a river walk, contact your online or local vet immediately

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Dog swimming and a beach walk

Picture Brighton and Hove beach


What Are Life Guards And Water Safety Flags?

Lifeguards operate during the warmer months being stationed on busier beaches which information can found on the RNLI website finding the nearest patrolled beach to you.

Learn about the safety flags flying on beaches and what they mean along with many useful water tips before you take your trip to a river, lake or beach.

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