Recycling Damaged Duvets

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\\\ Recycling Damaged Duvets For Pets

Pets Love To Snuggle up into Duvets

Your Damaged And Unusable Duvet

How many times have you found those dirty dog and cat paws all over your new freshly laundered duvet cover on your bed? Pets love fresh bed linen and to snuggle into duvets providing them a lovely soft and warm environment.

The UK public love their duvets and purchase approximately 8 million new duvets each year. Most modern duvets are made of environmentally, unfriendly synthetic fibres and are extremely difficult to recycle when no longer loved.

Damaged and pre-loved duvets are classed as those that are used, filthy, stained, torn, shredded inner stuffing falling out, blood stained, no care labels attached. Most organisations do not want them, unable to accept them where it may breach Health & Safety regulations.

Cutting Up Used Duvets For Stuffing

Pet owners can re-use old damaged duvets by cutting up bulky duvets and use as additional stuffing into zipped dog bed inner cushions and bed pads that may need extra stuffing where constant use by larger dogs in particular have made their beds uncomfortable. This can help you as a dog owner save £££s by not having to buy a new dog inner bed for a season or more.

This could also be applied to old sleeping bags where the zip may have been broken and the sleeping bags can be placed inside the zipped dog inner bed pillow.

Recycling Used Quality Duvets

Used Quality Duvets can be recycled very effectively, donating to animal shelters and pet charities.

Donating Duvets for Dogs and Cats

The PMFA (The Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association), 2021 reports, show an estimated dog population of 12.5 million dogs and 12.5 million cats residing in our homes. That’s an awful lot of pet owners looking after millions of pets that all need to stay warm during winter.

More than 35% of UK household have a dog whilst 24% of UK adults according to the charity, the PDSA, are cat owners and they too, love to snuggle up when its cold and avoid to go outside hunting at night. The PDSA look after more than half a million pets each year and welcome quality donations.

Alternatively, you can give away your duvet for free advertising on the online community websites.

Donate Your Used Duvets to People Shelters

One would think that hostels and charities for the homeless would be grateful for your old duvet but unfortunately most cannot accept second-hand, used duvets no matter how lightly used they may have been used. They would be grateful for new donations.

Search your local council website or local homeless charity organisation who may be able to help further.

Best Times To Donate Your Duvet

The best times to donate your used duvets are during Autumn as the weather starts to change, getting colder, and when many of us renew old duvets for new.

Many temporary shelters at Christmas time would ask you to donate brand new duvets for the cold and homeless.

Recycle Now 

Recycle Now provides the UK public with details of their local recycling plant address. This is really the last resort to recycle your undamaged duvet. They may post additional notes from time to time about the bins that may be full and/or closed.

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