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Keep Your Pets Safe Near Lit Candles

Longer darker evenings see many households lighting up candles and turning off the expensive to run lights

Candles are a common cause of fires at home and our Fire and Rescue Services urge homeowners to take care to not put your property at risk, your pets and yourselves

Top Tips To Stay Safe

Make sure your candles are never left unattended

Make sure all candles are put out before going out or going to bed

Place them on solid surfaces contained in heat resistant containers

Place them away from curtains, blinds, cushions, clothing

Pet households need to take extra care – candles need to be placed in covered containers to prevent pets singeing their coats when brushing past naked flames

All households need to ensure their fire alarms are regularly tested and working effectively

Try buying LED alternatives to remove the risk of fire. LED lights create the same effect as using candles, without the potential for danger to your pets

Buy The Best Pet-Friendly Candles

Vets have for sometime been warning pet owners about the use of candles and the choice of candles making sure that choices cause the least irritation and to take care when these are alight, placed in positions to pose no risk to pets.

The majority of candles sold in the UK market are made from synthetic materials, such as paraffin. With an estimated pet UK home ownership of 17 million, (33 per cent of homes according to recent reports own a dog and 24% cats) this is an important health issue, paraffin fumes are not healthy to breath in for you and your pet

There are candle suppliers who make better healthier candle ranges for pet owners from natural materials and add a variety of fragrances, generally by the addition of essential oils. Some essential oil fragrances are better than others in a pet household. Read our blogs to explore further.

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