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PET CHECK BLOG Queen Elizabeth corgis and James Bond 2021

The Late Queen Elizabeth II James Bond With Her 2 corgis

Pictured 2012 part of the Olympic celebrations

Royal Warrants Granted To The Pet Industry

One doesn’t really notice the insignia emblems printed onto pet food wrappers at first, but peer closer and you’ll find the Royal Warrants awarded to those companies who have supplied their products serving the Queen’s Royal household for years granted permission to use the coveted Royal Warrants, a tradition that can be tracked back to the 15th century.

Her late majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, as the monarch could bestow a Royal Warrant to businesses that had supplied the royal households for a period of time. Royal Warrants of Appointment are official documents allowing those bearers that have supplied the royal household to be able to display their royal coat of arms on their packaging for a period of five years, reviewable, being fiercely managed by The Royal Warrant Holders Association. Royal warrants can be withdrawn at the end of a five year period.

PET CHECK BLOG Three-Royal-Warrant-Crests

Her majesty at the time of her death, 8 September 2022, had granted 52 Royal Warrants to those products supplied to her estates for Agriculture and Animal Welfare, which included suppliers of horse feeds, equine products, fertilizers, agricultural machinery, fencing, medicines, natural herbal products, veterinary services and more.

Royal Warrants sadly cease for those firms on the day of her death. The businesses have two years to ensure they no longer use any packaging printed with the insignia.

Queen Elizabeth was well known for her love of animals including owning and breeding many Welsh Corgi dogs through her reign which naturally needed feeding. She granted Judge’s Choice Petfoods, Gilbertson & Page and Gold Line Feeds Ltd who produce Chudley dog foods with such Royal Warrants amongst others, so we get an insight into those very privileged lucky dog lifestyles.

More Pet Industry Royal Warrants

There were more than 600 active Royal Warrant Holders at the time of Queen Elizabeth II death, such as Waitrose, a favourite of the ‘firm’, Fortnum and Mason’s, Barbour. See more Warrants Agriculture and Animal Welfare.

The New Royal Warrants

As Prince of Wales, Charles could bestow Royal Warrants, as could the late Duke of Edinburgh (10 June 1921- 9 April 2021), and the late Queen Mother (4 August 1900 – 30 March 2002), with a different insignia to businesses. However, The Queen awarded the majority during her reign as monarch.

PET CHECK BLOG Prince Charles out dog walking

The former Prince of Wales Charles pictured with Harvey his Labrador

Image circa 1980’s

Now with the new king’s reign, Charles III, it is unclear whether those awarded when he was Prince of Wales will be continued. However, all warrants issued during Queen Elizabeth’s reign are now void.

Like UK coinage, these matters are meticulously planned and will be soon advised with a new design for the Charles III Warrant and approvals made.

King Charles III and Camilla, the Queen, own two Jack Russell’s, Bluebell and Beth, both are rescue dogs from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, where the former Duchess of Cornwall, now Queen Camilla, is Royal Patron. It is well known her love of dogs and these lucky two now live a very different life, late in life, often featuring with Queen Camilla in starring roles including a picture released to mark the couples 15th wedding anniversary, 2020.

PET CHECK BLOG - Queen Camilla's rescue dogs

Bluebell and Beth

Image Anya Campbell Town & Country

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