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PET CHECK BLOG Wintertime dog walks Keeping Your Pets Warm In Winter

PET CHECK BLOG Pensive stray dog going missing

What Do I Do If I Find A Stray Pet In Winter?

Stray dogs, cats, pets. Winter strays. What do I do If a stray pet turns up at my front door? Best tips to help repatriate stray pets. GPS pet trackers explained. Pet Theft Reform. Stray dogs, stray cats, stray pets. Read more. Blog.

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\\\ Preparing For A Pet-Friendly Christmas

PET CHECK BLOG - Christmas - Cox and Cox Klarna Having A Pet-Friendly Christmas


PET CHECK BLOG - Candle in glass container

Choosing The Best Candles

Choose the best candles for your and your pets health, your pet-friendly home and garden. Natural candles, dog, cat, pet-friendly essential oils. dog-friendly candles, cat-friendly candles. Best natural candles,

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PET CHECK BLOG - Candles - Neal's Yard Remedies -

Choose Pet-Friendly Candles

What makes a good pet-friendly candle? 3-step guide choosing pet-friendly candle. #Pets. Best candles @VioVet1 @NYR_Official @daylesfordfarm @cowshedonline #Gifts. Best pet-friendly, dog-friendly, cat-friendly, rabbit-friendly candles. Dogs, cats, small pets.

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PET CHECK BLOG - CANDLES - Dog sitting next to candles

Choosing Your Pet-Friendly Christmas Candles

Dog-friendly, cat-friendly, pet-friendly #Christmas. What makes a good pet-friendly candle? Best candles for #pets health Christmas pet-friendly candles, dog-friendly candles, @cowshedonline @botanicalcandle @BotanicCandles @TrueGraceUK #Gifts. Best pet-friendly candles for dogs, cats, pet indoor rabbit Blog

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Last posting dates for the United Kingdom 2nd class Friday 17 December and 1st Class Monday 20 December




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Countryside Code – The Thames Path Dog Walks

The Thames Path, National Trail Organisation, dog walk. The new Countryside Code, river side dog walking, dog-friendly walks. Rivers, canal, waterway dog walks, dogs under control, dog poop. The new Code explained for dog walkers, dog walking, farmland dog walks, Blog

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PET CHECK BLOG The Ridgeway Walk National Trail June 2021

Walk The Ridgeway With Your Dog

The Ridgeway National Trail country side dog walk. Dog friendly, dog walking. Countryside Code for Dog walkers. Plan your dog walk. Short Circular & Linear dog-friendly Routes, farmland dog walks, 3-8 day dog-friendly walks. Blog

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PET CHECK BLOG The Ridgeway Walk National Trail June 2021

Dog Walking National Trails

Can dogs walk the National Trails? The Ridgeway dog walk, Countryside Code for Dog walkers. Country side dog walking, farmland dog walks, coastal dog walking, dog-friendly walks. What are The National Trails? Blog

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\\\ Pet Routine Treatments

PET CHECK BLOG - dog scratching fleas

How Does My Dog Get Fleas?

How does my dog get fleas? Fleas on dogs. How do I flea treat a dog and how often? Treat fleas. Where do fleas come from? Can I get bitten by a dog flea? FAQs Read more.

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PET CHECK BLOG - Close up of a Flea

Why Do I Get Flea Bites?

Why do I get flea bites? Does my pet get fleas in the Spring? How do I stop flea bites? Using flea treatments, flea bites. Flea treatments for dogs, cats, pet rabbits. Flea cleaning. Best flea deterrents, essential oil scents.

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PET CHECK BLOG - Cat scratching due to fleas,

How Does My Cat Get Fleas?

How does my cat get fleas? What are cat fleas? How do I flea treat a cat? 3 Step Flea Treatment. How often? FAQs about cat fleas. Best cat flea tips. Blog.

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PET CHECK BLOG microchip-dog-at-vet

Is Microchipping A Legal Pet Requirement?

Pet microchipping. UK dog wear ID tags, collars, and microchipped. Is it necessary to microchip dogs and cats? Is it a legal pet requirement? Pets wear collars and ID tags, cost of pet microchipping, preventing pet theft, pet strays, microchipped dogs and cats. Blog

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PET CHECK BLOG An unhappy pug dog

Pet Microchip Laws Review

Tuk’s Law, Gizmo’s Law, Fern’s Law. Microchipping #dogs #cats # pets. @scanme_tukslaw, @gizmos_legacy pet law. @JamesDalyMP. UK dog microchip laws. Review dog, cat, pet rabbit, pet microchip laws. Pet Theft Reform. Blog

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PET CHECK BLOG - Sad looking dog

What Is Pet Theft Reform?

What is The Pet Theft Reform Act Amendments? 3rd petition reached the required signatures. Pet Theft Taskforce reported September 2021. About dogs, cats, pet theft. Read more how to support less pet theft. Blog

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PET CHECK BLOG - Jack Russell Dog in harness in car

Does Your Dog Measure Up To Your Car?

What size car is best for my dog? How do I measure my car to fit my dog? Does my dog need harnessing? Dog safety. Dog crates, dog harnesses, dog carriers, boot guards, seat covers, dog ramps. The Highway Code Dog Rules. @CarGurusUK

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As nights start drawing in, driving can become more hazardous and vets deal with more pet road accidents. The majority of road accidents are not in country lanes but in towns and cities, often cats and dogs running out into the road without warning. Make sure you and your pet are harnessed up.



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PET CHECK BLOG - two dogs watching tv


Latest Christmas Pet Check blogs, Pet Check pet shop. Dog, cat, rabbit, small pet features about pet-friendly Christmas trees, plants, Christmas pet gifts, pet food, treats, hampers, crackers, Christmas cards for pet charities. Top pet models, keeping pets warm, winter dog walks, and more Blog


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