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Recycling For Pets

Our latest blogs explore the ‘challenging’ recycling items that are not helping our environment and where they can be given to pet owners for re-use.

How Do I keep My Pet Warm In Winter?

Particularly for new pet owners who have never experienced keeping pets during the winter months, our feature summarizes our recent dogs, cats and rabbits ‘how to keep warm’ posts.

Pet Theft – GPS Trackers

Our feature discusses the problems of the thousands of pets that go missing in the UK yearly, and the best ways to try and find them, GPS tracking devices that can help, information about the requirement to microchip dogs, the organisations that keep the records, and now, how this may apply to cats shortly, if the new proposed changes, Tuk’s Law and Gizmo’s Law becomes Law.


Our pet features are summaries of our recent blogs by topic.


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