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Taking a mini adventure to the countryside this summer with your dog. Plan ahead and read our Pet Check countryside dog walk feature.


A summary of our blogs covering pets travelling the UK and abroad. With many us taking staycations in the UK, Pet Check looks at what is free pet travel on ferries, cars, planes, boats, hoover craft and more.


Our latest blogs explore the ‘challenging’ recycling of everyday items that are not helping our environment and where thousands of Pet Check readers have donated unwanted items to pet charities and owners for re-use.


Missing Pet or Pet Theft? Read about the favourite dog breed stolen in the UK, preventative and helpful tips to find your pets. Discover the latest government pet theft updates – the newly appointed Pet Theft Taskforce and terms of reference to report back to the Home Secretary this summer. The importance of microchipping, Id identity tags and collars, and GPS pet activity tracking devices that can help to keep our pets safe.


Just like humans dogs and cats suffer greatly from the rise in temperatures and need your special care and attention. Pet Check discusses how to keep your pets cool during warmer months, with tried and tested best tips

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PET CHECK BLOG The Ridgeway Walk National Trail June 2021

Countryside Dog Walks

Countryside Walks For Dogs. What are the new Countryside Dog Walking Rules? What are beach restrictions for dogs? National Trail dog walks. The Ridgeway dog walk. Dog walking days out in the countryside. Petcheck.uk Blog

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PET CHECK BLOG - Joules Wellington Boots

Recycling For Pets

How to recycle duvets, pillows, cushions, towels, clothing, wellington boots, ‘wellies’, all for good pet causes where recycling local points don’t want to receive these items. Dispose environmentally, Donate old items to pet charities. Petcheck.blog

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PET CHECK BLOG Dog sitting with kitten

Pet Financing and Saving Money

A collection of recent Pet Check blogs discussing costs associated with owning pets. Saving money. Gift cards, Vouchers, Discounts, Buy Now Pay Later websites, and freebie websites offering free pet food samples. Petcheck.blog

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PET CHECK BLOG Lady walking her dog

Winter Pet Care

How to keep your pets warm in cold weather, dogs, cats, pet rabbits. Helping stray pets in the cold, pet charities and shelters need your old duvets. Petcheck.blog Features.

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PET CHECK BLOG - Christmas scene with dog sitting in chair

Pet Christmas

Pet Christmas gifts an industry worth nearly 1 billion British pounds. Read more about 75% of pets receiving Christmas gifts, crackers, hampers, trees, pet charity Christmas cards, pet-friendly candles. gift cards, vouchers, e-cards, Christmas pet food, Christmas vegan pet food, and more. PET CHECK UK.

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PET CHECK BLOG -Dog with poisonous foods

The Best Foods For Your Pets

What foods should my pet avoid eating? Which human foods are toxic for pets? 26 worst pet foods including chocolate and drinks. Summaries of our blogs. Pets eating pet-friendly pumpkins. Dogs, Cats, Rabbits. Christmas foods, Chinese takeaways, Easter pet eggs. Rabbit food, and pet treats. Petcheck.blog Pet Blog

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PET CHECK BLOG microchip-dog-at-vet

What Pet Laws Are There In The UK?

The UK’s pet laws that help to keep pets safe and healthy. New Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Act 2021, Pet Theft Reform, Hitting An Animal Whilst Driving, PSPO’s, Harness Pets Travelling, Pets and Fireworks, Banned Dog breeds, Wearing ID tags, Microchipping and helpful Pet GPS Trackers. Petcheck.blog Blog

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PET CHECK BLOG - dog on ferry

Pets Travelling

Dogs, cats, pets travel across the UK and Worldwide. GPS pet trackers. Dogs, cats in cars. Free dog, cat, pet, UK rail travel, bus, car, ferry, coach, cycle. Dog travel crates, cat carriers. EU pet travel Rules for UK, pet advice and tips. Petcheck.blog BLOG

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PET CHECK BLOG - Dog having flea treatment

What Are Routine Pet Treatments?

My pet has fleas what do I do? What are routine pet treatments? Am I insured for these? What are fleas? Information about fleas, insurance, Flea treatments. FAQs, Read more. Petcheck.blog PETCHECK BLOG

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PET CHECK BLOG Pomeranian dog asleep on frozen bottle of water keeping cool

How To Keep Pets Cool In Summer

Keeping dog and cats cool in hot weather. How to keep your dog and cat cool. Paddling pools, dog, cat, water fountains, dog canopies, pet cooling mats. Dogs, cats, pets, do not cope well in hot weather. Petcheck.blog Blog

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PET CHECK BLOG - Cat wearing pet GPS tracker on collar

Missing Pets – Pet Theft

Missing Pets. Missing pet or stolen pet? What do I do if my pet goes missing? Pet Theft. Government Pet Theft Reform. Does my pet have to wear an ID tag? How GPS pet activity trackers work. Tips to help find your missing pet. Petcheck.blog Blog

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PET CHECK BLOG - 3 cats eating together

How Can You Help Pet Charities?

UK’s pet and animal charities caring for the nation pets, recycle for pets, donate unwanted items to pet charities, pet lotteries, pet charity shops. sponsor an animal. Gift Aid, Read more. Petcheck.blog Blog

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PET CHECK BLOG - Cat licking a Catit Water fountain


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