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What Are The Best Dog Walks?

What Are Dog Walking Restrictions?

Walking The National Trails and Visiting Beaches

With an estimated 12.5 million dogs residing in the UK, (2021 latest figures), dog walking is an important daily consideration.

Some dogs need no more than half an hour to an hour to exercise daily, others two hours minimum. So taking the pooch for it’s essential outing is high up on owners daily agenda of everyday ‘things to do’.

However, it’s the weekends and holiday season when mini adventures begin with your pooch, ‘special’ longer days out and short staycations have become even more important since lockdown, and why the countryside is such a great escape, for both of you, particularly when living in cities.

Pre-planning is essential to get even more of the best of the break.

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What Is The New Countryside Code For Dog Walkers?

City dogs welcome weekend breaks, staycations, or special days out to the countryside post lockdown and the country side has seen a huge rise in the UK population taking advantage of the fabulous UK outdoors on offer taking their dogs with them.

It was timely that the Countryside Code introduced 70 years ago was updated to reflect todays needs and relaunched this year. It applies to all parts of the countryside, so if you’re taking a trip, take time to read and refresh yourself of what is expected.

  • Remember always to keep your dog under control and especially if you see any other animals including horses oncoming, pop them on a lead.


What Are The Dog Restrictions On Beaches?

Beaches have become even more popular this year as more of us look for days out to enjoy with our dogs. The majority of coastal areas and beaches are public spaces and fall under the similar Rules and the Countryside Code.

More popular beaches have restrictions placed on them during busy holiday times generally from 1 May each year through to 30 September. Some start even earlier such as at Easter or 1 April. However, 1 October sees restrictions lifted and are a joy to walk during the day, when tides have turned and on their way out.

One of the main reasons for restrictions is to ensure beaches aren’t left fouled with dog poop as it is dog owners responsibility to pick up which often is misunderstood by many owners thinking it can be washed away by the tide.


Walk With Your Dog Along The National Trails

What Are National Trails?

There are 16 National Trails currently across England, Scotland and Wales. They are defined areas suitable for hikers, ramblers, and amblers to take in the fabulous views from our many hills and valleys.

The Trails are particularly well kept, being financed and with special Trail managers and teams of eager enthusiastic volunteers taking care of the land.

Dogs are welcome, as well as some parts of the Trails open to cyclists and horse riders.


Dog Walking National Trails

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The Thames Path

The source of the River Thames starts in the Cotswold, 180 miles or so from London. The National Trails have a designated Path following it’s every move towards the capital. A very pretty route taking in walking with your dog next to boats, moorings, across on ferries if you wish, with views of stately homes and palaces along the route.

Pet Check details the staged walks and the circular walks along with discussing the New Countryside Code and what it means when riverside walking with your dog.

Countryside Code – The Thames Path Dog Walks

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The Ridgeway National Trail

The picture below shows part of the fabulous scenic views from The Ridgeway (taken June 2021). Its an 87 mile ancient road walk and can be completed by you and your dog.

There’s very popular bite-size ‘Circular’ Ridgeway walks that The National Trail organisation have identified and detailed with great care on their website ranging from just 3 miles to about 12 miles in length, if you wanted to enjoy a lovely day out with your pet. You can park up, take in the fresh air, walk the shorter Trail that takes you back to your car.

Read more about the Ridgeway National Trail walk and how it can suit you and your dog.


Recent lockdown restrictions require households not to travel in certain areas of the UK and this may mean taking a journey to get to a beach or beauty spot. Take time to check local guidance and social media before taking a journey. Covid-19 Guidance for managing beaches and coastline areas. Covid-19 Guidance on accessing green spaces safely




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