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Charitable Interests Help Many Needy Pets

The UK is a pet-loving nation with more than 45 million different pets kept. Last year figures hit more than 20 million cats and dogs kept in UK households.

There are expenses to consider keeping pets, breeds costing much more than non-breeds, including insurance particularly necessary when they are ageing and in need of more healthcare.

Many pets get abandoned because owners do not know the true extent of the cost of owning a pet and this is where so many charities step in and help to keep the healthy animal alive and find new caring homes for them. Charities have both breeds and non-breeds handed in as stray animals.

When choosing a pedigree pet, it’s important to factor in the total costs involved caring for your pet over their expected lifetime of 10 -15 years. (The oldest dogs recorded living in the UK are currently 26 years old). Breeds cost considerably more to purchase and to insure. Animal shelters do receive pedigree pets from owners that can no longer care for their pet.

Pet charities are important to the UK public where they can access emergency help for their pets, especially when they may have hit hard times, vets are unattainable or a host of other reasons.

There are many animal charities including not-for-profit UK registered organisations, which pet owners have relied upon since 1824.

Queen Victoria granted the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Royal status 1840, now known as the Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals, the RSPCA.

The charity’s help to get important pet care messages out across the nation. They have informative websites with animal welfare issues, the government legal, compulsory and rules, the guidelines covering owning pets and information such as tail docking, cruelty, training devices, barking behaviour, controlling dogs in public, fouling, livestock issues, road walking, travelling abroad microchipping collars and tags, lost and found strays, breeding and selling, kennels and boarding, and so much more.

Animal And Pet Charities Income

There are numerous fundraising ways that charities approach, all vying for much needed income. One of the largest areas is financial legacies left in wills, income earned and donations provided by charitable trusts. Many of the pet related companies such as insurers donate a proportion of earned revenue.

There are several charities that feature in the top 1,000 largest UK charity earners. They are The Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals RSPCA, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, RSPB, The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, PDSADogs Trust, The Guide Dogs for the Blind AssociationCats Protection, The Donkey SanctuaryBlue CrossNational Animal Welfare TrustBattersea Dogs Home.

Numerous national and local charities run animal shelters up and down the country. They provide much-needed support to pets and wild animals in the UK. Google searches online, “pet shelter near me,” “animal shelter volunteer.” will result with several local shelter details.

These shelters provide much needed support to the pet community and welcome animal lovers to come and help with their pets on a volunteering basis. Without the thousands of volunteers, these shelters simply couldn’t afford to exist.

Street people find comfort in owning a dog, creating strong bonds, but cannot afford expensive veterinary care when it is needed. Street Vet was founded in 2016 to help street dogs, cats and even rabbits. Vets donate their time and vaccinate, microchip, treat for lungworm and fleas, and have performed surgeries to keep street animals healthy. Street Paws provide free accessible veterinary care and emergency kennel space to animals living with homeless people in the UK.

Charity shops have become an important part of the pet charities revenue streams over the past twenty years. The public generously donates unwanted, good condition clothing, pet items and homewares which can be resold in their charity owned shops located, based all over the UK. The PDSA has more than 120 shops nationwide to support their hundreds of veterinary outlets.

Some charities offer the opportunity for the general public to sponsor an animal, providing them with regular updates about their animal, sending newsletters, photo updates and arrange special visits. This particularly works well for those who have busy lives and may not be able to own a pet or where the animal is large such as donkey sanctuaries. The Cats Protection League particularly use this marketing approach.

Gambling is unfortunately a healthy pastime for many Brits and there are numerous pet charitable lotteries operating in the UK. They are big earning income generators encouraging gambling but at most modest levels. Some lotteries are drawn weekly and jackpots monthly, and set-up under the Gambling Commission guidelines. Larger charities are licensed by the Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act 2005.

It’s not all about the big charities, with local sponsored dog walks run by local groups, popular ways of raising funds and where funds are spent on local and UK pet charities as well as war-torn countries such as supported by the UK’s WorldBigDogWalk

Gift Aid is a government incentive introduced back in 1990, which can boost donation income by up to 25% for the charity, allowing charities to reclaim tax on a donation made by a UK taxpayer, meaning donations will be worth 25% more at no cost to the taxpayer. Higher tax payers can gain more relief. A simple form has to be completed that the charity provides, often available online, applying to individuals and not eligible through company accounts.

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