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Our feature summarises recent Pet Check pet blogs written about costs associated with owning pets and saving money.

Choosing To Pay By ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ Websites

2020 saw further growth of the ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ sites offering consumers affordable pay back terms for items they may otherwise not have bought.

Highlighting sites such as Swedish based Klarna who at the start of 2020, had reported that 6 million UK customers spent an average of 25pc more using their site than buying by traditional methods, where paying back by staggered payments had truly arrived.

Of course, there are other contenders such as eBay, Paypal, Clearpay, Credit, Amazon, Apple credit houses, operating BNPL schemes, but Klarna is so attractive with an appealing website, especially to young fashionistas, where they have exploited the UK market and now seeping into other areas of business such as the lucrative, growing pet market.

It allows consumers to perhaps consider buying more expensive and better quality goods that they may not have purchased and even better when it’s sale time using the facility on large discounted price tagged pet items.

There’s a number of accounts offering BNPL providers in the middle to better pet accounts including veterinary practices starting to take payments for their fees.

Just some of the pet businesses now taking Klarna are noted with links to search nationwide retailers. sofa pet bed

Beautiful luxury ochre sofa pet bed by Made £119.00

Klarna accepted.

Trying Premium Pet Foods For Free

There’s the huge growing pet food industry with small artisan and large pet food manufacturer’s all wanting your attention offering their pet foods tailored to your dogs need, even by sending deliveries straight to your home without fixed monthly contracts.

The pet food industry, taking in regular meals and treats, is worth a massive 2.7 billion (estimated in 2018 by Statista).

No longer is it necessary to stock up at the local supermarket or travel to a pets store with so much choice available, on offer, conveniently 24/7 online.

Having the most affordable but best pet foods are important for your pets health yet can be expensive to swap brands to give your pet a choice of menus particularly if your pet doesn’t like the crateful you just bought! A great way to get round this is to try the freebies that are on offer online from various ‘freebie websites’. We provided a selection available.

Spotlight on Gift Vouchers, Cards, and Discount Vouchers

The Gift card and Voucher industry is a huge thriving market in the UK worth about 7 billion British pounds, (2019) according to Global Data and the industry trade body the UKGCVA.

Two thirds, nearly 5 million pounds-worth are given as gifts to friends, family and colleagues.

Gift vouchers and cards are mainly promoted by the bigger pet companies, whilst smaller pet businesses concentrate on offering enticing discounts for first pet shop online orders or ‘refer a friend’ privileges building up a loyal customer base.

The pro’s and cons and of buying gift cards as pet presents for your family and friends are weighed-up and a number of pet stores listed in this blog where they are available.

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