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Pets And Their Owners Need Recycled Good Quality Household Items

Don’t throw usable duvets, pillows, cushions, towels, clothing and wellington boots away

Pet Check provides overviews of how every day household items can be reused and upcycled for pet care in our blogs

Consider whether your items are reusable or whether they are damaged

Damaged items have to be treated in different ways to those that can be worn and used again

Read Pet Check blogs to find the best solutions for you as pet owners and our environment whilst helping to create a more sustainable future.

Recycling Hats Caps And Beanies

No dog walker would ever be without a hat, cap, beanie, baseball cap, trilby, beret or other design when it starts getting to be rainy, hailstones, snow and windy weather!

Recycle any damaged to your local pet charity shop so that they can be paid a small fee by the major recycling companies that pick up from the 11,000 or so charity shops around the UK and recycle into new fabrics.

Likewise, non-damaged hats can be passed on to new proud owners either by donating or by advertising on the dedicated reselling websites.

Recycling Duvets

Surprisingly duvets are a ‘challenge’ to recycle and UK’s recycling points do not really want them deposited there but for owners to find other ways to recycle them.

Our blog provides ways that you can recycle these to animal shelters and charity shops with tips on how to find these locations.

If you want to give these away, we provide the best online free resources to dispose of them quickly and locally.

Recycling Wellington Boots

Wellies – are the shortened name for wellington boots in the UK – where no dog walker living in the countryside would be without them. However trying to recycle damaged wellies is quite a task.

There are only two retailer initiatives that we’ve found currently for recycling if you’re wellies are damaged, otherwise, sadly, it’s a case of processing these at your nearest recycling point.

Alternatively, you can upcycle them with ideas on how to do this.

Wearable wellies can be donated to charity shops, (with exceptions), or advertised online and we’ve provided the best ways to do this if your immediate family or friends do not need a spare pair.

Recycling Pillows and Cushions

Many pillows and cushions are not environmentally friendly being made of synthetic fibres and are difficult to recycle.

Recycle Now is responsible for directing the public to their local recycling plant, but provides this statement –

Duvets and pillows are not recyclable; however some animal charities may be able to use them for bedding. Otherwise, they should be put in the general waste.

Animal shelters and charities are very grateful for donations and you can read more about how to pack the items and where to find these outlets. You can advertise your pillows and cushions for pet owners on free online platforms to collect locally, and other ways you can use them around the home or friends and family pets.

Recycle Clothing

Charity shops have been around for many years in the UK post WW2 and now one of the leading countries in the world offering clothing and other products to residents providing an important second chance to be worn again.

We explain in this blog how pet charity shops can accept clothing and how to donate since the pandemic 2020 broke.

Recycle Towels

Councils up and down the country ask residents not to throw away clothing and textiles into their landfill bins but to recycle at appropriate local recycling points or better still, find a second life for towels.

They’re a fantastic help for pet owners to keep in back of cars, ready for drying off dogs after getting wet and muddy on walks or for dog walkers returning wet dogs back home after a lunchtime walk and sudden downpour, when owners may be at work.

Towels are great to keep handy for coastal and beach holidays when dogs love swimming and frolicking in the sea to dry them off or countryside hikes where they may splash in pools and muddy locations.

Pet shelters welcome towels for their use in aiding the rehoming of pets, and pet charities can sell good quality towels.

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Join the thousands of Pet Check readers who have generously donated their unwanted items to pet charities today.



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