Can My Pet Travel For Free?

Can my pet travel for free in the UK? Pet-friendly UK public transport. Can dogs go free? Select free travel for dogs, cats, rabbits, small pets. Free dog travel by train and short ferry journeys. Pet Regulations for travel. Blog.

It’s Raining Cats And Dogs

PET CHECK BLOG Some of the best pet print umbrellas. Dog themed printed umbrellas. When was the umbrella invented? Animal print umbrellas. Read more

Does My Pet Need To Be Harnessed In My Car Whilst Driving?

Updated summer 2022. Securing and travelling in a car with your dog, cat, rabbit, pet. UK pet travel law explained. 10 BEST TIPS to ensure a safe and smooth journey , summer time travelling with pets. Author

What Do I Do If I Hit An Animal Whilst Driving?

What to do if you hit an animal while driving. How to help injured animals & pets at a scene of a driving accident, How to report knocking a pet over whilst driving. Cat, dog, pet, wild animal driving accidents on UK roads.. Blog

How Does My Dog Get Fleas?

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Is Microchipping A Legal Pet Requirement?

Pet microchipping. Dog ID tags, collars, and microchipped. Is it necessary to microchip dogs and cats? Is it a legal requirement to microchip pets? Microchipping costs, Microchipped dogs and cats prevent pet theft, pet strays. Updated autumn 2022. Author

The Best Way To Recycle Your Old Clothing

Donate old, unwanted clothing to pet charity shops. Raise funds to help needy dogs, cats, small pets. Recycle clothing, textiles, to help pet charities. Best ways to recycle clothing. Updated 2022. Author

Volunteering At A Pet Shelter

Volunteering at a pet charity helps 1000’s of animals every year. Volunteer pet charity shops, cats, dogs, pets. animal shelters, pet charity events, hospitals, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, pet hospitals, Blog